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Accidents on Vacation and Coordinating Auto Body Repairs

A road trip begins with fun ideas and plans. You travel toward your destination and you get in an accident. This brings any vacation plans to a halt, especially if you or your passengers are injured.

If there are no injuries, there are still accident details that must be addressed. Depending on the damage to your vehicle, you may not need repairs immediately. If you are not able to drive your vehicle, there are further details to work through with your insurance agent.

Insurance is Coverage

If a road trip takes you from Texas to the other side of the country, or possibly Canada, it is likely that your insurance covers you while you travel in these areas. If you drive to Mexico or anywhere in Central or South America, check your insurance to see if you are covered in those locations. It is always a good idea to review your policy before you take a road trip.

Remember that the laws are potentially different from state to state or in another country. Comply with the laws for that state or country, including insurance laws. It’s possible another state may have different requirements for minimum coverage. If it is higher, discuss this with your insurance agent.

Reporting the accident to your insurance company is the same, no matter where you are located.

Scheduling Collision Repair

Most car insurance policies will pay for towing a vehicle within a certain radius. But if you are far away from home and need it towed back, it will likely be your responsibility to pay for the long-range tow.

Insurance companies can help you schedule a tow no matter where you are located. This is helpful if you are in unfamiliar territory. They can also assist you with a rental if needed.

If you have an accident while on vacation, contact the experts at ProCare Collision, an auto body shop. A personal service consultant can help you schedule the repairs and handle your insurance. Our team will take care of your needs, so you can plan future road trips.

Accidents on Vacation and Coordinating Auto Body Repairs
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Accidents on Vacation and Coordinating Auto Body Repairs
Accidents happen, including on a vacation. Learn how to manage the details from another state or country, including auto body repair.
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Procare Collision
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