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Every year, there are tens of thousands of car accidents in the San Antonio area. According to the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT), there were

more than 52,000 car crashes in Bexar County in 2016. San Antonio body shops stay busy repairing vehicles involved in these accidents.

There are dozens of reasons why car accidents happen, but there are a few driving errors that lead to a majority of the accidents that result in repair at a body shop San Antonio, Texas.

Crash Contributing Factors

As efforts are continuously made to improve our roads and features are added to vehicles for make driving safer, accidents still happen. TXDOT annually reviews what leads to accidents statewide, in rural areas, and in urban areas.

It may come as no surprise to some that most accidents in urban areas are caused by the driver failing to control speed. That lead to more than 114,000 crashes in 2016. Driver inattention was the second highest reason for accidents in urban areas and Bexar County had the most driver inattention collisions out of any county in Texas, with more than 77,000. The third highest factor for causing an accident in urban areas was unsafe changing of lanes which caused more than 31,000 accidents.

What to Do After an Accident

With thousands of accidents annually in the San Antonio area, it’s important to know what to do before an accident happens. Remember to never leave the scene of the accident. Find out if anyone is injured and if so, called for emergency medical help immediately. Contact law enforcement if the accident resulted in injuries, fatalities, or property damage. Be sure to exchange contact and insurance information with any other drivers involved in the accident.

Once the accident has been properly handled, contact the expert team at ProCare Automotive and Collision. Our technicians are certified by auto makers to ensure your vehicle is repaired precisely to factory standards. A personal service consultant can help you through the collision repair process and will work to exceed your expectations.

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