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auto body repair shopsIf you’ve been in an accident before, you know there’s a cost to auto body repair. There are the repairs to your vehicle and any other vehicle or property you may have damaged. Your insurance policy determines how much you have to pay out of pocket.

When you see a repair bill, or have to pay your deductible, think about these car accidents and what the collision repair would cost.

A Record Attempt Damages A $5 Million Dollar Car

One of the many expensive car collisions happened at the famous Nurburgring in Germany. The driver of a Koenigsegg was attempting to set a lap record when he lost control and crashed into a barrier. The driver was treated and released from a hospital.

After the crash, the car caught fire damaging the back end. Only seven of the Koenigsegg One:1 models were made.

Not Just One Luxury Car

A 14-car pile-up is bad no matter the types of vehicles involved. But when a group of car enthusiasts were travelling together on wet roads in Japan, it resulted in disaster. Eight Ferraris, one Skyline R33, one Lamborghini Diablo, and three Mercedes-Benz, plus a Toyota Prius, were among the cars involved in this accident.

The damage for this accident was estimated at $3.85 million. No one was seriously injured in the accident, but all vehicles involved were totaled.

Crashing a $35 Million Dollar Sports Car

When you think about the unexpected cost of your collision repair, think about the owner of a Ferrari 250 GTO. Fortunately, he was not seriously injured when he lost control of his luxury car during a race and crashed it into another car, but unfortunately his vehicle was valued at $35 million.

Collision repair for a rare luxury sports car can be costly when the parts to replace the damaged sections are rare, because a limited number of these vehicles were made. If the luxury vehicle owner has the money to repair the damage, the owner may choose to have auto body repair, but the value of the car may already be diminished without original parts.

The highly trained team of certified technicians at ProCare Automotive and Collision can repair commuter cars to luxury vehicles back to factory specifications. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate and we’ll get you back on the road.

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