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Every year, car makers unveil new technology designed to keep drivers and passengers safer in the event of a collision. Technology like this began decades ago with the seat belt.

The seat belt may not seem like technology today, but when it was first available on vehicles it was a game changer for safety in vehicles. Now technology also focuses on accident prevention.

Advanced Automotive Safety

The primary focus of designing a new vehicle used to be how to change the look. Today, auto makers spend a significant amount of time and money researching ways to make cars safer.

Auto maker, Volvo, has a goal to end all deaths and serious injuries in its new vehicles by 2020. One of the newest features the maker has added to its vehicles is steering assistance, which engages when automatic brakes are not enough to prevent an accident. Steering assistance steers the vehicle away from an obstacle at speeds between 31 mph and 62 mph. Oncoming lane mitigation is another feature that is designed to help drivers avoid head-on collisions between 37 mph and 87 mph.

Every auto maker is developing more driver assistance features to make even the shortest trip, a safe trip.

Driver Assistance Features

Drivers are human and can make mistakes. We get distracted, our reaction time varies, and we can only see a certain distance or perimeter around us. That is why manufacturers are using smart technology to help us be safer.

Features like blind-spot warning, lane-departure warning, and rear cross-traffic warning are already available on new models. While these advanced safety systems are only available on some vehicles now, they may soon become the standard on all automobiles.

Auto makers are also focusing on technology to help our newest drivers on the roads, teen drivers. Features such as smart keys that can not only track teens, GM’s version gives parents a report of the drive. Ford’s MyKey technology allows parents to set limits in the vehicle, such as a maximum volume for the radio so the teen is not distracted.

Technology is no doubt making a difference in driver and passenger safety and has been proven to save lives. The advancements made today have the potential to save more lives. Even with the technology, accidents like a fender bender in a parking lot can still happen and you will need to bring your vehicle to a collision repair shop.

If your vehicle is involved in a collision, contact our expert team of highly skilled technicians at ProCare Collision, an auto body repair shop. A personal service consultant will work with you through every step of the repair process, from making sure you have a ride to handling insurance claims. Contact our team today and get back on the road with a repaired ride.

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