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When you take your car into a San Antonio local body repair shop, you want the repair work to be precisely to your specifications. You also want to make sure you get the best deal for the work you need since each body shop charges different prices.

Finding the best body shop takes some research, but keeping a few points in mind as you search will make the process easier and can lead you to a body shop that performs quality work.

Seek Recommendations

The first step to finding a quality auto body repair shop is getting multiple recommendations. Ask people you know and look at reviews online. Contact your local Better Business Bureau to find out if any complaints have been filed against a body shop you are considering. Word-of-mouth recommendations speak to the quality and experience, so pay attention to these recommendations especially from people you trust.

Location and Overhead

When you find out about a highly recommended body shop, visit the location to see the location and if that location may be a reason the shop could charge more per hour for labor costs. An auto body shop located in an area where property is expensive may charge more in labor to cover those costs.

Consider Warranties

A reputable auto body shop will guarantee the work with a warranty. Find out about the warranty to any auto body repairs and any paint work on your vehicle. Ask what the warranty specifically covers and how long the warranty lasts.

Check for Maker Certifications

Find a shop that is certified to work on your make of vehicle. This means the technicians have been trained to make repairs specified by the maker and the shop has the necessary equipment to make those repairs.

Ask About Estimates

There are two questions you should ask a body shop about estimates. Find out if they offer free estimates and if they use the insurance company’s estimate or if they use their own estimate. You will want to use a body shop that uses their own estimate and not performing repairs based on the insurance company’s recommendation of repairs.

If you need auto body repair to your vehicle, contact the San Antonio local body repair shop that provides free estimates and guarantees the work with a warranty at ProCare Automotive and Collision. A personal service consultant will work with you every step of the way in the repair process to make sure the work is completed to your satisfaction.


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