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At ProCare Collision, we require our auto technicians to maintain certifications from auto makers to understand how to repair the latest technology. We believe ongoing education is important in any industry.

ProCare University

ProCare provides learning opportunities for the insurance agents we work closely with every day. We are pleased to offer continuing education (CE) courses for agents through ProCare Online University. Agents can stay current on industry laws, standards, and trends affecting the auto insurance industry.

How This Helps Agents
Insurance agents in Texas must take 24 hours of CE during each two-year license period. The courses we offer are approved by the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) and meet the requirements to maintain a license.

ProCare Online University provides a convenient site to take courses at any time of the day or night. Agents can login to their personal suite from this page and begin the coursework. Once logged in, the easy, step-by-step process will guide an agent to select courses and enter license information for the CE credits to be applied. At least two of the 24 hours must be ethics courses. Agents also have the option to select other courses that pertain to the auto insurance industry and can take more than the required minimum for learning purposes.

How This Helps Insured Customers
The courses from ProCare Online University offer more than compliance. Insured ProCare customers can have confidence knowing that the agent working on a claim understands the most recent rules and how they apply specifically to a customer’s claim. The courses educate agents in areas such as accident claims, casualty, and ethics.

We want ProCare customers to have the best experience throughout the collision repair process and working with trained and skilled insurance agents, plus certified auto technicians, means the claim and repair will be completed properly and exceed expectations.

Contact us today or visit ProCare University to learn more about how you can participate.

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