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It may seem like parts are just parts, but it’s not quite that simple. Different auto parts - even ones made to fit the exact same component of a car - can have plenty of differences between them. The next time you pull into your San Antonio body shop for repair work, will you understand these differences?

Understanding the different types of auto parts available is important. This knowledge helps you make an informed decision about what part type will work best for you and your vehicle.

Original Equipment from the Manufacturer, or OEM parts, are parts made by the same company that made the car, and thus have the same quality standards and exact specifications.

Aftermarket parts are parts that were not made by a car’s manufacturer. These parts are typically cheaper than OEM parts, but since they were made by another company, can sometimes have issues with factors like fit.

Like-kind and quality parts are used parts. Often, these parts were, at one time, originally from the manufacturer. This means that in some cases, they may actually have a better fit than aftermarket parts, even though they have been previously used. Like-kind and quality parts are often considered an environmentally-friendly choice, but sometimes the quality of these used parts might not be up to par.

Each of these types of parts - originals from the manufacturer, aftermarket parts or like-kind and quality parts - have a time and place to be used. Deciding which type of part is right for your vehicle and circumstances is an important decision, and one you should make after having a conversation with your auto repair technician.

The type of part used can affect warranty, the look of your vehicle, the safety and quality of your vehicle’s performance, insurance coverage, and your pocketbook.

The experienced and knowledgeable team at ProCare Collision can help guide you through any collision repair dilemma, including questions about types of parts. For quality service and auto body repair in San Antonio, Texas, give us a call today.

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