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After an accident, most car owners take a good look at the damage to their cars. It’s obvious if a fender is smashed or if a headlight is broken. What is not immediately noticeable and may not be known to the average driver is if there is mechanical damage to anything under the hood or behind a fender.

Drivers should have their car inspected by a technician at a San Antonio auto body repair center who is trained by the maker of that vehicle to provide certified collision repair. A certified technician knows exactly what to look for on a specific model of vehicle to determine if there is more damage than what the eye can see.

What’s Behind the Doors and Fenders

If the accident is what some consider a fender bender, there may be more than cosmetic damage such as a dent. There are moving and mechanical parts under most of a car. A dent in a door could also mean damage to power windows, power mirrors, or possibly misalignment with the car frame.

Fender damage should also be looked at by a technician who can determine if there are more issues with the car’s alignment and if it can be driven safely.

What’s in a Repair Estimate

A repair estimate details the damaged parts and the cost to repair the damage, which includes the parts and labor. It is important to review the written estimate and ask any questions before the work is started.

At ProCare Automotive and Collision, a San Antonio auto body shop, our helpful team is here to answer any questions you may have about repair and to work with your insurance company on the claim.

We also make getting an estimate fast and easy. With our new Smartphone Estimating Tool, you can receive an initial repair estimate within 24 hours of submitting photos. The estimate is only preliminary and based on visible damage. If our certified technicians find additional damage upon inspection of the vehicle, our team will explain the damage and repair costs. Download our estimating tool today so you have it ready if you do have an accident. The ProCare team will work with you every step of the way through the repair process so you can get back on the road.

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