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Collision repair on a vehicle takes parts, equipment, possibly paint or the use of chemicals. Over the years, auto body shops have placed a greater focus on being environmentally friendly with products used and recycling.

Being an eco-friendly auto repair shop takes more than focusing on what is used to repair the car. It takes a much broader focus.

Thinking Green

Many body shops look closely at everything they do while repairing cars and as a business to determine ways to be more environmentally friendly. This may include conserving energy, plus keeping the land, air, and water clean. The automotive industry continuously reviews eco-standards for repair shops and looks for areas of improvement.

Some shops also consider using greener products for the repairs, such as non-toxic compounds. At ProCare Collision, a San Antonio auto body repair shop, we use Axalta Cromax Pro paint. It is water based, instead of chemical based, and it reduces the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are released into the air by chemical based paints. It is still not yet possible to be an entirely green body shop.

ProCare cares about our community that we live in and we recycle as part of our environmentally-friendly approach to collision repair. Some of the items we recycle include sheet metal, aluminum, paper, and cardboard.

Saving Green

There is an added cost benefit to repair shops by having a plan to be “green.” It reduces waste disposal costs, cuts long-term liability, and is a benefit to the health of employees. But the most important benefit at ProCare is that we are protecting our environment.

If you do get in a collision and need repair, contact the certified and skilled technicians at ProCare Collision. Our personal service consultants can help you through every step of the repair process from getting your vehicle to one of our convenient locations to helping with the insurance claim. And remember, not only will our team get you back on the road quickly with quality repairs, your decision to do business with ProCare helps our environment.

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