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There is more than one auto body repair center in San Antonio vying for your business. As a customer, it’s not easy to recognize the differences between one local shop and another. It is more than price difference. The services they offer and skills they have are what matters when it comes to quality.

Local auto body repair service offers some benefits to consider. It isn’t unusual for local shops to provide customer service, value, and quality that exceeds your expectations.

ProCare is an Auto Body Repair Shop in San Antonio with Multiple Locations

procare has lots of local auto body shop locationsChoosing local businesses means you are supporting a smaller company that may give back to the community. In addition to supporting the local company, you’re often contributing indirectly to the local community too.

When searching for an auto body repair shop p in San Antonio, you will find shops with multiple locations in your area. This is good news for you!  First, if an auto body shop has multiple locations that may be a good sign it is providing great service and has successfully expanded. Service-based businesses like auto body repair shops depend on quality service and customer referrals. For a business to expand and have multiple locations is a good indication that they provide quality work and have good customer service.

More than one shop in an area also means more resources. If one shop needs a something quickly to make repairs, they can call on the other location. With multiple locations, there is a larger pool of technicians who have a variety of training and different knowledge. The technicians can connect with each other for expert opinions.

When you have repairs made, make sure the warranty is good at all locations. This can be helpful if you are in another part of the city and need repairs fixed. The other location should have access to your repair records.

Build a Relationship With a San Antonio Body Shop

If a customer has a great experience with the employees at a shop, there’s a good chance that customer will recommend the shop to others and come back, if needed. Just as important as the quality of the repairs is the customer service provided. Local shops can be helpful and courteous because there is a sense of community when a business is based in that area. The relationship builds trust and ensures a customer trusts a shop to make the repairs correctly. In addition, how personable is the shop you’re working with? Do the employees seem happy to be there, and greet you warmly? Do their personalities and demeanor make you feel like they’re really happy to be working the auto body repair industry?

Direct Repair Referrals

Your insurance company may tell you about a direct repair program and recommend a local shop to you. There is nothing that requires you to use a shop referred by your agent, but it may have benefits. You may feel a bit pressured to choose one of those shops, but it is your choice.

Preferred shops must meet specific quality standards to be on the list for the insurance company. Insurers regularly check with the shops to make sure they are still meeting the requirements. Many of these locations offer a more streamlined repair and payment process that saves time. Some locations, known as a “one-stop shop,” provide an estimate, repair the car, and you can pick up a rental car. The recommended shops typically meet the insurance company’s deadline to repair the car in a timely manner and keep costs as lower.

The shops also typically extend the warranties for as long as you own the vehicle, versus a warranty that has a time limit.

The Choice is Yours

Remember that while there are benefits to using a recommended shop, it is your choice where you want to take your vehicle for collision repair. Your insurance company often recommends more than one auto body shop in San Antonio. Remember, you aren’t obligated to use only those shops. Research their suggestions and look around for yourself. With a large investment like your vehicle, it pay to do diligent research before making your choice.

Certified and Recently Trained

find a local auto body shop in San Antonio you can trust

It is good to use a local auto body shop, if it provides quality repairs. You want to make sure the technicians are well-trained, and that the location has the latest equipment to make the repairs.

The easiest way to determine this is to find out if the shop offers certified collision repair. Technicians must be trained and certified by individual manufacturers. The technicians must make the repairs according to the manufacturer’s requirements. Find out if the local shop you would like to use has a team that frequently trains. If you have a newer vehicle, you will want technicians who just completed training.

Many manufacturers require the collision center to have the proper tools and technology to make the repairs. Certified collision repair means the technicians have the skills and the shop what it needs to repair your vehicle. This is also a sign that the local shop is investing back into the company to earn your business.

The team at ProCare Automotive and Collision has certified technicians who are routinely trained by a variety of manufacturers. Luxury brands like Porsche, Land Rover, and Audi are among our certifications. We have multiple body shop locations in the area and are a preferred local auto body shop in San Antonio with most insurance companies. Contact us for a free estimate or use our Smartphone Estimating Tool anytime to get the estimate process started quickly. Our team is ready to show you how collision repair can be an efficient experience.

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