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Close-up of spray gun with red paint painting a car in special booth

An auto paint job takes an experienced paint technician to know how to paint a car and make it look fresh and new. Whether it’s a specialized paint job or painting your vehicle after an accident, you want your vehicle to look fresh and new.

When you take your vehicle to an auto body shop, have a detailed conversation with the team describing exactly what you want done and your expectations. Then when you pick up your vehicle, there are several areas to examine to make sure your vehicle had a quality auto paint job.

Pay Attention to Paint

A professional auto paint shop will ensure that the color consistency is the same all over your vehicle. The best way to check this is to look at your car in the daylight to make sure the color shade matches your car’s original color. Also look closely in good light for any paint splatter where it shouldn’t be located, runs in the paint, or any unusual texture possibly left behind from equipment used to paint the vehicle.

Examine other areas of the car that were not painted, but near the area being painted. Make sure that excess paint did not go onto headlights, chrome, molding, or other areas that do not need paint. The car’s exterior should also be clean and free of any dirt.

The Body of Your Car

While checking the quality of a paint job is usually the first and most common step after paint work, the body of the car should also be examined. Take a close look to make sure any doors, fenders, and other sections that may have been removed are properly aligned and connected. Gaps between the panels are the most obvious sign that the parts are not properly assembled.

If any work is not to your specifications, notify the technician immediately before leaving the shop with your vehicle. Be specific when pointing out any errors.

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