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Latest Video: How To Parallel Park

Are you new to parallel parking? If you’re a new driver, parallel parking can be daunting. Watch our video for some tips and tricks, then follow the link before to read more.

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QUIZ: What should you buy for your first vehicle?

Buying (or choosing) your first vehicle can be overwhelming. Take our quiz to help you figure out what type of car you should get. 

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How to tell your parents you were in an accident

If you’re a teen, one of the last things you want to do is tell your parents you were in an accident. In our video, we explore subtle changes in how this conversation can change with simple techniques.

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10 crash-prevention tips for teen drivers

The aftermath of a collision, with a silver car facing an upside down red car on a freeway.

Looking to be safer on the road? Read these easy-to-use tips for preventing an accident.

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