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Fresh paint work on a vehicle can make it look like new again. When a car owner pays for a paint job, whether it is to freshen up the look of the vehicle or because of collision repair, typically the owner wants to keep that great look for as long as possible. This can also help the vehicle look great if you plan to sell it soon.

Maintaining the paint does take some work, but is not impossible for a car owner to manage.

Washing the Fresh Paint

When you pick up your vehicle from the auto body shop, ask for the recommended time that you must wait after washing it with the fresh paint job. This is typically a few weeks. Once you can wash your car, use a high-quality solution and never use regular soap that can take away any protective layers of wax. Use a soft, clean washing mitt to carefully wipe any loose dirt and other contaminants. If you use a two-bucket method with one filled with soapy water and the other with clean water, this will help keep contaminants out of the soapy water and from being reapplied back to your car.

Park your vehicle in a cool, shaded area while drying it to prevent it from drying too quickly in the sun.

Detailing the Vehicle

Once the vehicle is washed clean, take a good look at it to make sure it is truly clean. Now it is time to protect your paint. Compounds have been commonly used in the past but they are the most aggressive method and should only be used by someone experienced with using compound. Clay bars will lift the dirt out of the clear coat layer, but be careful. Be sure to constantly fold the clay bar to expose a fresh surface or you will scratch the clear coat.

After you have detailed your vehicle, then you can wax your car. If a buffer is used, be sure to not overuse it, which will lead to paint removal.

If you have paint work completed on your car by the certified technicians at ProCare Collision, be sure to ask your personal service consultant about our free, 18-month maintenance plan. Every six months, we will inspect, wash, and wax the area that we painted at no cost to you. Contact our team to schedule your free estimate for auto body repair or paint work today.

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