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After an accident, you take a look at the damage to your vehicle. That’s the moment you know if it’s more than a fender bender. You may ask yourself “Is my car totaled in this accident?” but maybe it is repairable.

The car’s value and the cost for body shop repair determines if it is repairable. It’s important to know your insurance policy and the process to file a claim for repairs.

car totaled accident driver on curb

What to Do With a Car Totaled Accident

The repair team inspects the damage, completes the estimate, and compares it with the car’s current value. For example, a car with a value of $5,000 that needs $7,000 worth of auto body repair San Antonio shops do will not qualify for repair by the insurance company.

Check your insurance policy to know what you should expect out of your insurance company with a vehicle that is not repairable. In most cases, the insurance company will issue you a check for the value of the car. If you do not agree with the amount, you can get quotes from used car dealers, view prices online, and note any additional or special features on your car.

Keeping a Totaled Vehicle

Cars hold sentimental value for many and some choose to repair a totaled vehicle.

Contact your insurance company as soon as possible. The insurance company will subtract the vehicle’s salvage value from the amount it planned to pay you. To drive the car again, you need a salvage title. Repairs are your responsibility.

If you want a totaled car fixed, find a body shop you trust to provide an accurate estimate to repair the vehicle. At ProCare Automotive and Collision in San Antonio, we have experienced and trained technicians who know exactly what it will take to repair the vehicle back to a safe and drivable condition again.

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