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Distracted Driving Can Send Your Car to a Body Shop in San Antonio

If you think you never get distracted while driving, think hard about the last time you drove. The best drivers with a great driving record can lose focus while driving because of passengers in the car, something happening outside the car, or because of a phone call or message.

Distracted driving is a serious problem with dangerous results. There are some shocking examples of how distracted driving can cause you to have an accident and send your car to a San Antonio body shop.

Wide Range of Distractions

Factors that interrupt driving typically cause one of three types of distraction – visual, manual, or cognitive. This means the distraction either causes the driver to take eyes off the road, hands off the wheel, or mind from operating the vehicle.

Texting is one of the most dangerous distractions because it simultaneously involves visual and cognitive distractions. Other activities that can impair driving abilities and reduce focus on the road include looking at directions, selecting music, eating, and talking to others in the car.

More than half of drivers recently surveyed (66 percent) reported seeing a driver applying makeup, 52 percent reported seeing a driver reading, and 23 percent reported seeing someone take a selfie while driving. The survey also revealed that some drivers are putting in contact lenses, flossing their teeth, daydreaming, and changing into a costume while driving.

Quantifying the Danger

In a split second of distraction, drivers can create unsafe conditions on the road for themselves and others. These situations result in injuries every year and damaged vehicles requiring body shop repair.

Fighting the Distractions

To reduce your chances of becoming distracted while operating a vehicle, there are plenty of steps to take, including simply being prepared. Make all adjustments to your seat, mirrors, music, and GPS before you take off. If you can’t resist the ring of your phone, turn it on silent, and store it out of reach in the glove box. If you do need to make a call, adjust your seat, send an email, or eat a snack, find a spot that is safe and pull over.

Reducing distracted driving starts with individual drivers choosing to limit distractions and staying focused on the road. As more drivers avoid distraction, the roads will become safer for everyone.

If you become a victim of a distracted driving accident, contact the highly trained experts at ProCare Automotive & Collision for your body shop San Antonio needs. A personal service consultant will work with you through every step of the auto body repair process.

3 Questions to Ask at a San Antonio Auto Body Repair Shop

You pay for your car whether you lease or buy, so it is yours. Understanding the mechanics of the car is not something everyone knows so asking the right questions when taking your vehicle to a San Antonio auto body repair shop can be a challenge. Naturally, you want to understand the work being performed on your car.

It’s important to know that you have the right to select a body shop that you choose. Your insurance company may recommend a body shop, but if you have a body shop you prefer to use, you have that option. Once you determine where to take your vehicle, you need to know what to ask about the body repair.

Learn about the body shop and its certifications

Ask others you know and read online reviews for auto body repair. You can also inquire with your local Better Business Bureau office to see if any complaints have been filed. If most responses are positive, you know the auto body shop does quality work.

Find out about the certifications held by the technicians and the body shop. There are certifications such as I-Car and ASE, plus there are certifications from auto makers that technicians earn for demonstrating to the auto maker that they know how to repair the car to that maker’s specifications. Certifications show the auto technicians are trained and knowledgeable to make the repairs on your vehicle.

Ask about warranty

Some body shops offer a warranty for their work. Inquire about what the warranty specifically covers and how long the warranty is good. The warranty may be different for any paint work than the warranty for body repair.

Washing your car

After body work on your vehicle, especially with any paint work, there may be a period to wait before washing your car to avoid the soap interacting with the paint and any possible brush marks from a car wash. You may be able to use a touch-free car wash and avoid any super concentrated soap.

If you need a San Antonio auto body repair shop, contact the highly trained technicians at ProCare Automotive and Collision. Our team is certified to work on your vehicle and we offer a warranty to back up the repairs we make. Contact ProCare today and work with your own personal service consultant to get your repairs made and be back on the road.

What Makes Auto Body Repair Certified?

When you purchased your vehicle, you had specific reasons for choosing that make and model. Price was likely a factor, but you may have selected the car because of how it drives or how it looks. If your vehicle is wrecked, you want it back in the same condition before it was damaged.

Auto body repair shops may require technicians to earn a variety of certifications. Each certification requires training and meeting specific requirements

Becoming Certified

There are several certifications technicians can earn in the auto body repair industry. Vehicle makers have their own certifications. If an automotive technician holds certifications from makers, this means that individual has been trained and tested to understand the specific technology and latest standards from this vehicle maker.

Auto body repair shops can also hold specific certifications, such as the highest training achievement in the collision repair industry, the iCar Gold Class certification. This means a collision repair shop trains its technicians every year, plus designates experts to be highly skilled in four key collision repair roles of estimator, non-structural technician, steel structural technician, and refinish technician. A shop can also have other certifications, such as being a Factory Aluminum Certified Repair center.

ProCare Certifications

At ProCare Automotive and Collision, we are proud to hold many certifications. Our shop is Factory Aluminum Certified and iCar Gold Class certified. The iCar Gold Class certification means that our technicians hold advanced skills and that our turnaround time for repairs is significantly shorter than most auto body repair shops because of the extensive training our technicians have.

ProCare is also part of the Assured Performance Network, Assured Performance Certified, and holds the ASE certification. Additionally, ProCare’s paint services are backed by Axalta Nationwide Guarantee.

Technicians at ProCare are trained by auto makers and hold certifications to perform precise body work for specific models. Our team continuously trains to provide the highest quality repairs to your vehicle. And our services are backed by a National Limited Lifetime Warranty. Contact ProCare today to work with a personal service consultant who will help you through the entire repair process.

Houston Texas

Fall has officially arrived, but before the official start of fall, there was the official start of football season. Dedicated fans know when and who their favorite team will play. Then there are the diehard Houston Texans fans who think about the team all year long because they do more than wear a jersey. They take their vehicles to an automotive paint shop for a customized, Houston Texans paint theme.

Ride with the NFL

The trend to have a car customized with a paint theme representing a NFL team is popular nationwide and not just among the fans. Many players also show who they proudly represent in the NFL with their team colors and logo. Former Green Bay Packers player, Chris Johnson, took his 1970’s Chevrolet and had it decked out with the team’s green and gold colors. Taking it a step further, Cam Newton also took a 1970’s vehicle, an Oldsmobile Cutlass, and had it completely customized in a Carolina Panthers theme.

NFL players are naturally committed to their teams, but for a fan to take a vehicle to a paint shop for a custom NFL paint theme, it takes genuine loyalty to one team. The Houston Texans, just like other teams, have many of these dedicated fans.

Houston Texans Themed Cars

The Houston Texans are the newest team to the NFL, hitting the turf in 2002 six years after the Oilers left Texas for Tennessee. While the Texans haven’t been playing as long as other teams, they still have a strong fan base.

As shown by avid Houston Texans fans, it didn’t take long for some supporters to determine the Texans are their number one team. From newer cars to older vehicles, some Texans fans chose the Toro logo and Texans colors to be prominently displayed on their vehicles every day.

The best part of a custom paint theme for a vehicle is that it can be as elaborate or simple as the fan desires. ProCare Collision is your paint shop to customize the precise look you want to display your Houston Texans pride on your car. Contact one of our highly trained paint technicians today to create your unique design so you can have the most impressive car at the game.

Dallas Cowboys blog

Football season has arrived and that means fans get out their fan gear, such as jerseys, caps, tailgating chairs, and head out in their cars to the game. But for some fans, it’s clear which team is their favorite just by looking at their NFL themed car. That includes fans of the Dallas Cowboys.

Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach once said, “There are no traffic jams along the extra mile.” Some Dallas Cowboys fans might create a traffic jam with their elaborate themes. And it’s not just the fans who want to be the star of the road. The players have also been known to take their cars to a paint shop and create a custom Cowboys theme for a car.

Show Your NFL Pride on Your Ride

The Dallas Cowboys have been around for nearly 60 years and their fan base has multiple generations. They haven’t played a game physically in the city of Dallas since 1971, but that never stops Cowboys fans from showing their pride for the world championship team that represents the Big D.

The Cowboys players themselves are just as enthusiastic about their navy blue and metallic silver with the famous star logo. After Mo Claiborne signed with the Cowboys, he bought his parents in his hometown of Shreveport, Louisiana a car with a custom paint theme featuring his number.

As former head Dallas Cowboys coach, Tom Landry, once said, “Football is an incredible game. Sometimes it’s so incredible, it’s unbelievable.” It’s that unbelievable excitement that makes the team’s fans want a custom paint job on their cars.

Dallas Cowboy Themed Cars

There’s deep pride among Dallas Cowboys fans who remain loyal, win or lose. That dedication shows on the cars they drive, some with simple paint themes that feature the Cowboys’ colors and the star. Others are much more elaborate and feature images of the car owner’s favorite players.

In fact, there are so many Dallas Cowboys fans who customize their cars that a club, called the Cowboys Life Car Club, was formed. The club shared some of the photos of the elaborate Dallas Cowboy themed cars driven by club members.

The best part about any customized paint theme is that it’s unique and can be as elaborate or simple as the fan chooses. At ProCare Automotive and Collision, we are your paint and body shop to give your ride the Dallas Cowboys look that you desire. Our highly trained paint technicians can create the design of your dreams so you can ride in style to the big game. Contact us today to discuss a custom paint scheme for your vehicle.


5 Reasons Why You Should Get Auto Body Repair

Your car has auto body damage, but you could drive it away from the scene of the accident. If you are not concerned about the looks of your car you may ask, “If my car still runs, why should I fix the damage?”

There are several reasons why auto body repair is necessary, no matter if the vehicle has minor or more significant damage. If repairs are not made, there are some circumstances where it could cost you to keep the damage on the vehicle.

Damage Causing Other Damage

The cosmetic damage to a vehicle may appear minor, but it takes a highly skilled auto technician to know if there could be more damage than what meets the eye. A damaged fender could cause strain to a wheel, tire, or parts under the hood. At minimum, it is best to get dents repaired to avoid further and costly damage to your car.

Necessary Functions No Longer Work

If certain features to not work on your car such as lights or opening your hood, this damage must be fixed to avoid a ticket or in the case of a dented hood, further damage to your vehicle. All lights, such as headlights, taillights, and turn signals must be functioning for safety if you plan to drive at night.

State Inspection

In Texas, there is a checklist used when inspecting a vehicle. If any items are damaged, such as lights or a mirror, the car will not pass inspection until the damage is fixed. If you are driving around with an expired registration sticker, you can get a ticket. That’s money that could be spent on the auto body repair.


If you have damage, file an insurance claim, receive money, and then don’t repair the car it could cost you if you have another accident. An insurance company can deduct pre-existing damage from a future settlement. It is recommended that if you receive money for a claim, to use that money on auto body repairs.

Resale Value

Depending on the extent of the damage, it could affect your vehicle’s resale value. In some cases, the cost to fix the vehicle can be less than the amount your car might depreciate if it has noticeable damage.

When it comes time to repair auto body damage on your car, contact the experts at ProCare Collision, an auto body repair shop in San Antonio. Our highly skilled technicians are trained to work on any make and model of vehicle and repair it to the maker’s specifications. We can get your car fixed so you avoid further damage and costs.

Time Change Driving

When the time changes during the fall, it affects driving conditions when it gets dark earlier. Naturally, drivers must use extra caution such as driving slower, keep a safe distance from the car in front of you, and don’t use high beams when there are oncoming vehicles or vehicles in front of you.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, traffic fatalities are three times more likely to happen just before sunrise and immediately at dusk. Along with defensive driving, there are a couple of additional steps you can take to ensure safe travel on dark roads.

Fix Broken Headlights and Taillights

Headlights and taillights are the most important features on a vehicle while driving in the dark. It’s important to make sure all of them are working and shining properly. Replace the bulbs if any lights are burned out and if the lights are damaged from a car accident, take your car to an auto body repair shop in San Antonio.

If your lights are working, check to see if the lenses need cleaning and if the lights are pointing straight and not crooked.

Watch Out for Wildlife

Wildlife, such as deer, are hard to see at night until your vehicle is close to the animals. Your odds of hitting a deer are now 3 percent higher than they were last year, according to a study from State Farm. Hitting a deer can not only cause significant damage to your vehicle, but it could result in injuries or a fatality.

In the Garden Ridge area, northeast of San Antonio, residents there are already reporting an increase in the number of deer they see. Texas Parks and Wildlife estimate there are about 3,000 deer in that area and they have already caused at least one accident.

At ProCare Automotive and Collision, we hope everyone drives safely during the darker hours. If you do have an accident with another vehicle or with wildlife, the expert team of technicians at ProCare, an auto body repair shop in San Antonio, can help get your car repaired and get you back on the road.

Two Vehicle accident at a busy intersection

Car accidents happen every day in the San Antonio area and you never know when your car will be involved. It isn’t always possible to avoid an accident that someone else causes, but if you are behind the wheel, you can take steps to avoid an accident.

Our team has three simple tips to prevent a car collision from happening to you.

Keep the Focus on Driving

A driver should be focused on traffic and the road at all times. Never get distracted, don’t drink and drive, and follow the rules of the road. Distraction is one of the most common factors in car accidents. More than 60 percent of rear-end crashes are caused by drivers who were not paying attention. An alert driver can react faster and follow traffic laws.

Take it Slow and Easy in Parking Lots

Most serious accidents occurred on the road, but fender benders frequently occur in parking lots. Typically, a driver is focused on finding a good parking spot and doesn’t focus on the surroundings. Drivers should take it slow and easy in parking lots and pay attention to pedestrians and hazards such as grocery carts.

Think About Safety Technology

If you have an older car, consider adding technology that could make your driving safer. Or if you plan on purchasing a new vehicle, compare the various safety features available on different models. New technology can now monitor your blind spot, automatically brake if the car senses a possible collision, and give you your view behind the car when going in reverse.

Technology is only one aspect of a safe vehicle. No matter what the age is of your car, keep up the maintenance and have your car checked frequently to ensure all necessary and safety features, such as brakes and headlights are working properly.

Our team of highly trained professionals are here for all of your collision repair and automotive needs. Our San Antonio paint and body shop gives a comprehensive approach to your auto repair needs.

Gas gauge of a car with dollar symbols illustration design

If you own a hybrid vehicle, you probably purchased it for the fuel efficiency. Texas is a hot spot for hybrid electric vehicles. But are you really getting the best fuel mileage out of your eco-friendly vehicle? Here are our top five tips to more MPG on a hybrid car.

Economy Mode

Most hybrids come with a feature that uses the car’s sensors to help a driver automatically save fuel. Check to see if the economy mode or a similar mode is turned on. This feature may limit acceleration and other features of the car’s performance but it saves fuel.

Keep Battery Charged

A well-charged battery on a hybrid helps drivers use less gasoline and more electricity. Read the owner’s manual to your hybrid for the maker’s best recommendations for charging the battery.

Gradual Stops

Gradual braking with your car has multiple benefits, including generating power for a hybrid. As the brakes are applied in a hybrid, the electric motor becomes a generator and converts the energy from braking into electricity and stores it in the battery.

Pulse and Glide

The pulse and glide method in a hybrid car gets the vehicle to stabilize the energy use between the electric and gas engines. For many hybrids, this is somewhere between 30 and 40 mph. A driver can find this level by gradually accelerating to the speed and then applying a quick press to the gas pedal. Some hybrids will give an indication on the screen to show the energy use has been stabilized.

Limit Accessory Use

Minimizing the use of accessories, such as air conditioning and the radio, can save fuel on any car. But in a hybrid, a driver can save fuel and electricity by minimizing the use of any accessories that are not needed during the drive. The economy mode may also help adjust settings to the air conditioner and other accessories to save on power.

Remember if you need your hybrid vehicle serviced, ProCare Automotive and Collision is more than a San Antonio auto body shop. ProCare is Hybrid Certified and our experts are trained to provide specialized service for your hybrid vehicle’s needs. Call us today and let our technicians give your hybrid the check-up it needs.


More cars are on U.S. roads in recent decades, but the roads are becoming safer. How does Texas stack up? Let’s take a look at the Texas Department of Transportation’s (TxDOT) 2015 statistics on Texas car accidents to get a better idea of how many accidents occur and how we can improve.

Accident Rates

With a state as large as Texas, it probably comes as no surprise that there was a signficiant number of accidents during 2015. When it comes to “reportable crashes” – meaning the crash occurred in a public roadway, involved serious injuries, or estimated property damage of $1000 for any one person – TxDOT estimated that one such crash occurred about every 61 seconds in the state.

However, despite frequent accidents the state saw a slight improvement in the rate of traffic fatalities. During 2015, Texas had a fatality rate of 1.43 deaths per hundred million vehicle miles travelled, which represented a 2.05 percent decrease from the rate seen in 2013. A total of 13,616 crashes resulted in serious injuries in 2015, which was similar to the 13,665 serious injury crashes reported in 2014.

Accident Factors

Slightly more than half – about 54.5 percent – of the fatalities occurred in rural parts of Texas. About 35.5 percent of deaths occurred in single vehicle accidents in which the car ran off the road. Of the fatal incidents where it was known if a seatbelt or restraint was used, 40.3 percent of victims were reported to be unrestrained. Of the 459 motorcyclists that died on Texas roadways in 2015, 52 percent were not wearing a helmet. The data also showed that 27 percent of the fatalities involved a driver under the influence of alcohol.

Moving Forward

While not all accidents can be prevented, the data reinforces some safety practices that we already know – use a seatbelt, wear a helmet, and don’t drive drunk. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs not only takes lives and leads to injuries, it also leads to expensive collisions, extensive damage, and a long stay for your car in a San Antonio collision center.

While we all strive to make Texas roads safer, collisions still occur daily. For these events, ProCare Automotive & Collision is here to help. We strive every day to make car collision repair easy and stress-free, while providing expertly repaired vehicles. Come see us today!

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