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Being involved in an accident is a stressful time. If you need your car daily, you likely want the auto body repairs made quickly. Many insurance companies will recommend certain repair shops to you, but you have a choice on where you want your car repaired.

It is beneficial to understand what the recommendation means for the repairs to your vehicle. One aspect to keep in mind is that you want certified collision repair when choosing a repair shop. That means the technicians have been trained by the manufacturer to know how to properly repair that specific model of vehicle.

What a Recommendation Means

Insurance companies have a list of body shops they have established relationships with and will recommend those shops for repairs. Keep in mind that your insurance provider cannot make you go to the recommended shop. You may feel a bit pressured to choose one of those shops, but again, it is your choice.

The recommended shops typically meet the insurance company’s deadline to repair the car quickly and keep costs low. Faster is not always better. Additionally, if the payment to the shop is low from the insurance agency, the collision center could potentially use cheaper parts to offset the low payment. If you decide to use a recommended shop, ask questions to know more about the quality of repairs you will receive.

The Guarantee of a Recommendation

Choosing to use the auto body repair shop recommended by your insurance provider may have some benefits. In many cases, the insurance company will guarantee the repairs made to your vehicle as long as you own it. Should the repairs not hold up after a certain period, the repairs can be fixed at no additional cost to you.

ProCare Automotive & Collision is a preferred body shop with most insurance companies, but we work with any insurance agency. We use parts recommended by the automaker and we don’t substitute with cheaper parts to offset a low payment from the insurance agency. Our goal is to always provide the highest quality repairs and make the process efficient so you can get back on the road.

eco-friendly auto body paint

In today’s auto body repair shop, the technicians and management must take into consideration more than the quality of products and methods used. They must also think about how safe they are to the environment.

When choosing body shop places that will not only exceed your expectations in paint work, find out if the shop uses water-based or solvent-based paints. If you prefer to be friendlier to the environment, choose water-based.

Differences Between Water-Based and Solvent-Based

Many years ago, paints were lacquer-based. Then came along solvent-based paints. Most of us at some point have walked into a room that has been freshly painted and noticed the strong odor. It is likely that solvent-based paints with higher levels of organic solvents were used. This type of paint is known for its drying properties, but when it dries the solvent evaporates and releases Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that have a toxic impact in the air.

With more advances in developing paint, water-based, or waterborne, paints are now replacing the use of solvent-based paints. The acrylic emulsions in the water-based paints provide a fast drying time, durability, and less odor.

How Water-Based Paint Works on a Car

There are some additional benefits to using waterborne paints on a car. Because it is a heavier-viscosity material, it applies three coats of coverage in about half a mil thickness. With a thinner application, less clearcoat is needed to even out the surface.

It takes an experienced paint technician to know how to properly apply waterborne paint. It is easier for imperfections to show and it has greater sensitivity to humidity. Some paint manufacturers provide different versions for areas that are more humid versus drier areas. Additionally, before the paint is dried, it can have a noticeably different hue than what is desired, but it will dry true to its color.

The experts at ProCare Automotive & Collision are highly trained in painting with waterborne paints. We care about our environment and the quality of paint work to your vehicle. Contact us today if you need paint work along with auto body repair or if you are interested in a fresh look to your ride.






texting driving car accidentAs of September 1, it is now against the law anywhere in Texas to read, write, or send a message on your cell while driving. One in five car accidents in the Lone Star State involve distracted driving, according to the Texas Department of Transportation.

Over the years, ProCare Automotive & Collision, a San Antonio collision center, has provided collision repair for thousands of vehicles involved in texting and driving accidents. Know the restrictions of the law and avoid a serious accident that could be prevented by not texting and driving.

Breaking Down the Law

With the various ways people can use their phones, it’s important to know specifically what is against the law. The new law states that drivers can still make and receive calls. Some city ordinances require drivers to be hands-free, so if you are making a call you will need a Bluetooth device.

Just like suspecting someone is driving under the influence, law enforcement operates under the same protocol for the new law. If they see a driver with a head down while the car is moving and the vehicle is swerving, they can pull that driver over to further investigate if the driver is reading or typing on a phone.

Tips to Get in the Habit of Not Texting

All drivers should keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. If you are using a GPS, do not take your eyes off of the road to look at it. Either pull over safely or use a GPS system that gives audible directions. It is not illegal to read or write on your phone while stopped at the light. It is only illegal if the car is moving.

Since many cities have a hands-free law, get a Bluetooth device in your vehicle and find a good method on your phone to send a voice text that does not require you to touch your phone. The best method to avoid any texting and driving is to place your phone out of reach and check your phone once you have arrived at your destination.

Accidents will happen, but ProCare Automotive & Collision hopes everyone follows the laws that are in place for a reason. If you do get in an accident, contact our team for a free repair estimate or download our easy-to-use estimating tool on your phone, while you are not driving. We guarantee your repairs will be efficient so you can get back on the road.


If you are in the market for a used vehicle, now more than ever buyers should beware of the vehicle’s history. After Hurricane Harvey caused widespread damage across Texas, there are plenty of vehicles out there with weather damage caused by flooding. According to the Insurance Council of Texas, there were already 165,000 storm related claims filed by early September. It’s estimated that approximately half a million vehicles in Texas will be considered a loss in Texas. So how do you know if you are buying one of those cars?

Today’s cars are basically a computer system on wheels. This makes it extremely important to have a used vehicle inspected by a certified auto technician who can tell you if there is more than just visible water damage.

Check the Car’s History

There are a number of ways to search a car’s history. Find out what type of title is assigned to the vehicle you are considering buying. If a vehicle is totaled, it will have either a salvage title or a flood title. However, if a car has had enough repairs to pass an inspection, it could have a rebuilt title that makes it available for purchase.

If a vehicle is rebuilt, you should still consider having a technician who is certified by that auto maker to look at the car and determine if it was repaired to the maker’s specifications for safety.

Get a Professional Inspection

Along with the integrity of the car’s structure, it’s important to test if the vehicle’s electrical and mechanical components properly work. There are other components that should be checked on a vehicle that can be more difficult for the average person to inspect, such as the undercarriage and determining if the engine was repaired.

ProCare Automotive and Collision has certified technicians at all of our locations. Our technicians are trained directly by the auto makers so they are skilled in repairing a vehicle’s electrical system and making safe repairs to the car. Contact our team to have a highly skilled and trained technician make sure your car is safe.





As a car owner, you have to trust the technicians at the auto body repair shop that they will repair your car right. It’s important to do some research and get recommendations from those you know to find the best collision repair shop.

One of the most important details that will help you know if the technicians are properly trained to work on your model of vehicle is to ask if the repair is certified.

Manufacturer Certified

For the best understanding of how a make of car is built and its technology, technicians should be certified by the vehicle maker. This means the technician will have the latest training to make repairs to the manufacturer’s specifications.

It takes two years before a new technician can go through the certification process. At ProCare Automotive and Collision, we require all of our technicians to be certified and to continuously train and maintain certifications so they know how to use the latest technology and methods on every car that comes in. Our expert technicians are highly trained and hold certifications from manufacturers such as Audi, Jaguar, Land Rover, and Porsche.

Additional Certifications

When a body shop has multiple certifications, it means the team had to complete training and/or meet specific standards to earn those designations. This takes experience, dedication, and a desire to know how to make the best repairs to a vehicle.

ProCare is Assured Performance Certified and we hold the ASE certification. All of our locations are also Factory Aluminum Certified. Additionally, our team has earned the top training achievement in the collision repair industry, the iCar Gold Class designation. To maintain this status, our technicians must have advanced skills and because of those skills, they provide a shorter turnaround time with the highest-quality repairs.

Our commitment to exceeding your expectations means ongoing training and maintaining certifications are part of the standards we hold.

If you have an accident, contact our friendly team at ProCare to schedule a free estimate and we will help you through the entire repair process, from scheduling a tow to handling an insurance claim.

Tire Blowout Body Damage RepairA tire blowout happens when you least expect it. It can also lead to a serious car accident, injuries, and a trip to the auto body shop. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, defective or slick tires caused 68 traffic fatalities in 2015. Maintaining and replacing tires is an expense, but not maintaining them and having a blowout can cost someone’s life.

There are a few steps every car owner should do frequently to maintain the quality and life of the tires.

Check Tire Tread

The amount of tire tread shows the life remaining on each tire. If your tires begin to have a smooth look and less rugged, it is time to replace the tire.

A good trick to use to measure tire tread is to insert a quarter into the tread with George Washington’s head facing down. If you can see the top of his head, you need new tires.

Maintain Proper Air Pressure

Most newer model vehicles within the past decade feature tire pressure monitors that alert the driver if tire pressure is low. Do not rely only on the monitors. Checking tire pressure on all four tires once a month is a good habit.

If a tire is under-inflated, it can lead to tire damage. An over-inflated tire can cause a blowout, especially on long trips or in hot temperatures. Check your car owner’s manual or the inside of the door frame for the correct amount of tire pressure. Also remember to have your tires rotated according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Poor Alignment and Balance Wears Tires

The air and wear are just two factors that affect tire quality and can prevent a blowout if maintained. On any vehicle, proper alignment and balance can prevent the tire from wearing faster.

At ProCare Collision, a local body shop, we hope all car owners take care of their vehicles to prevent serious accidents. If you do happen to get into an accident, contact our team to work with a personal service consultant who will help you through the entire repair process and get you back on the road.

Every year, car makers unveil new technology designed to keep drivers and passengers safer in the event of a collision. Technology like this began decades ago with the seat belt.

The seat belt may not seem like technology today, but when it was first available on vehicles it was a game changer for safety in vehicles. Now technology also focuses on accident prevention.

Advanced Automotive Safety

The primary focus of designing a new vehicle used to be how to change the look. Today, auto makers spend a significant amount of time and money researching ways to make cars safer.

Auto maker, Volvo, has a goal to end all deaths and serious injuries in its new vehicles by 2020. One of the newest features the maker has added to its vehicles is steering assistance, which engages when automatic brakes are not enough to prevent an accident. Steering assistance steers the vehicle away from an obstacle at speeds between 31 mph and 62 mph. Oncoming lane mitigation is another feature that is designed to help drivers avoid head-on collisions between 37 mph and 87 mph.

Every auto maker is developing more driver assistance features to make even the shortest trip, a safe trip.

Driver Assistance Features

Drivers are human and can make mistakes. We get distracted, our reaction time varies, and we can only see a certain distance or perimeter around us. That is why manufacturers are using smart technology to help us be safer.

Features like blind-spot warning, lane-departure warning, and rear cross-traffic warning are already available on new models. While these advanced safety systems are only available on some vehicles now, they may soon become the standard on all automobiles.

Auto makers are also focusing on technology to help our newest drivers on the roads, teen drivers. Features such as smart keys that can not only track teens, GM’s version gives parents a report of the drive. Ford’s MyKey technology allows parents to set limits in the vehicle, such as a maximum volume for the radio so the teen is not distracted.

Technology is no doubt making a difference in driver and passenger safety and has been proven to save lives. The advancements made today have the potential to save more lives. Even with the technology, accidents like a fender bender in a parking lot can still happen and you will need to bring your vehicle to a collision repair shop.

If your vehicle is involved in a collision, contact our expert team of highly skilled technicians at ProCare Collision, an auto body repair shop. A personal service consultant will work with you through every step of the repair process, from making sure you have a ride to handling insurance claims. Contact our team today and get back on the road with a repaired ride.

auto body repair shopsIf you’ve been in an accident before, you know there’s a cost to auto body repair. There are the repairs to your vehicle and any other vehicle or property you may have damaged. Your insurance policy determines how much you have to pay out of pocket.

When you see a repair bill, or have to pay your deductible, think about these car accidents and what the collision repair would cost.

A Record Attempt Damages A $5 Million Dollar Car

One of the many expensive car collisions happened at the famous Nurburgring in Germany. The driver of a Koenigsegg was attempting to set a lap record when he lost control and crashed into a barrier. The driver was treated and released from a hospital.

After the crash, the car caught fire damaging the back end. Only seven of the Koenigsegg One:1 models were made.

Not Just One Luxury Car

A 14-car pile-up is bad no matter the types of vehicles involved. But when a group of car enthusiasts were travelling together on wet roads in Japan, it resulted in disaster. Eight Ferraris, one Skyline R33, one Lamborghini Diablo, and three Mercedes-Benz, plus a Toyota Prius, were among the cars involved in this accident.

The damage for this accident was estimated at $3.85 million. No one was seriously injured in the accident, but all vehicles involved were totaled.

Crashing a $35 Million Dollar Sports Car

When you think about the unexpected cost of your collision repair, think about the owner of a Ferrari 250 GTO. Fortunately, he was not seriously injured when he lost control of his luxury car during a race and crashed it into another car, but unfortunately his vehicle was valued at $35 million.

Collision repair for a rare luxury sports car can be costly when the parts to replace the damaged sections are rare, because a limited number of these vehicles were made. If the luxury vehicle owner has the money to repair the damage, the owner may choose to have auto body repair, but the value of the car may already be diminished without original parts.

The highly trained team of certified technicians at ProCare Automotive and Collision can repair commuter cars to luxury vehicles back to factory specifications. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate and we’ll get you back on the road.

Safety regulations for vehicles have been a focus not long after cars first hit the roads. Imagine the very early days with minimal safety features and few regulations for driving. This lead to a number of accidents which eventually resulted in the safety features we are used to having today.

It is important for technicians at San Antonio body shops to understand the history and be highly-trained on auto body repair for today’s safety features so they can be fixed to the manufacturer’s standards. From seat belts to air bags, these innovations have saved many lives.

Seat Belts

Once automobile makers realized that the driver and passengers need to be secure in a vehicle, the first patent for a seat belt was secured in 1885 by Edward J. Claghorn of New York. This was one of the first car safety measures. However, it wasn’t until 65 years later that the first seat belt was offered in American made vehicles from Nash Motors.

Auto maker, Volvo, has been one of the leaders in furthering the advancement of the seat belt in vehicles. The car manufacturer provided the first 2-point cross-chest diagonal belt in 1957 for the front seat. Six years later, the company introduced the 3-point belt as a standard feature in the front seat and four years later it was standard in the back seat.


Windshields were also an early invention for vehicles to protect occupants from any weather elements and flying debris. This safety feature also advanced over the years to prevent shattering upon impact. Shatterproof windshield glass was standard on most cars in the late 1920s.

Air Bags

While seat belts helped to protect occupants in a vehicle during an auto body collision, it was discovered that additional safety features were needed. In a high impact crash, occupants may be forced forward or to the side and hit the dash or door hard, causing injury.

Air bags were invented in the early 1950s, but auto makers quickly discovered challenges. The bag must sense a collision accurately and inflate quickly. Once the airbag was improved, vehicle makers went a step further and added airbags to the passenger side. In 1973, the Oldsmobile Toronado was the first car with a passenger air bag.

Since then, airbags have been installed in multiple locations in vehicles, including side curtain airbags.

If you have an accident, the certified technicians at ProCare Collision and Automotive, a body shop San Antonio TX, will repair any safety features damaged in a collision back to factory standards. Give us a call today so you can get back on the road.

Used cars are a great way to buy a vehicle at a more affordable price. Knowing the history and upkeep of the car isn’t always clear. Before purchasing a pre-owned vehicle, get a Carfax report. It will give you an indication to the number of owners and if it has been in an accident.

What the report may not show is if any repairs were made without the knowledge of Carfax and without an accident report. It’s estimated that 10 million accidents nationwide go unreported each year. Take a close look at the used vehicle you want and if you see signs that it needs auto body repair in San Antonio, think if it’s a car you can afford to drive with previous damage.

Unusual Paint

If you see paint that doesn’t match in color or texture, this could be a sign that the paint is covering up damage. Look at the door jams and around the fender wells to see if there is excess paint or if it appears the car was not painted properly.

While you are examining the exterior of the vehicle, also look for streaked lines which may indicate body filler was used.

Inconsistent Gaps

Doors, the hood, and the trunk should be properly aligned with the body of the vehicle and gaps should be consistent. If any of these parts are not uniform with the car, it likely had significant body repair that was not performed correctly.

Also check the pillars that connect the roof to the body. If there are creases on one side, but not the other, this is also an indicator of damage.

Fresh Undercoating

Many buyers don’t take the time to look under a vehicle and they should. If fresh undercoating is visible on the chassis or wheel wells, it can be a sign of body repairs.

Buying a used car can be a good purchase, as long as the vehicle is in good condition and has plenty of life left. If you buy a used car and want to have damage repaired, contact the San Antonio auto body shop that has certified technicians who will fix your car to factory standards, ProCare Automotive and Collision. We will repair your vehicle so you have confidence it’s safe on the road.

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