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Category: Central Texas

What to do after you hit a deer?

Whether you’re driving on I-10 west toward San Antonio or on the back roads in Houston, you’ll find yourself in the heart of Texas. These areas boast their beauty all year long with magical views of spectacular sunsets. What might be the only drawback of driving through the area you might ask? Being in a…

Here’s what you need to know about school zones

It’s that time of year again - when your morning commute gets 10+ minutes longer because of school buses, parents, and teen drivers. But there’s one part of your commute you should be taking extra caution: School zones. These are areas near schools where kids may be walking across traffic to get to school. While…

How to master a stress-free commute

  Let’s be honest. Central Texas’ worst drawback is the traffic. Whether you’re driving into San Antonio, Austin, or just trying to get through town in San Marcos, congestion is abound. That’s why it’s smart to have a plan to kick the stress for your mid-week traffic jam. Not only will calming down help you…

Where are the most dangerous roads in Texas?

Where are the most accidents in the San Antonio area? Learn where the locations are and how to reduce your risk of a collision.

ProCare celebrates 20 years

A new San Antonio collision center opens its doors. Learn why this is a return to the company’s roots.

Online Repair Estimate

Technology is changing auto body repair estimates from a San Antonio collision center. Learn how it makes the process faster.

How do I get hail damage fixed?

There are two ways to repair hail damage on a vehicle. Read to learn more about the process to determine which type of repair to use.

Is paintless dent repair best for hail damage?

It’s that time of year in Texas when storms take a toll on our property, including our cars. While small hail may not cause any damage, the Lone Star State is known for its Texas-sized hail and the result is a need for hail damage repairs. The largest hail on record in Texas was 8…

Distracted driving means more accidents

If you don’t have one in your vehicle, it’s likely you have driven by a car and seen the screens located between the driver and passenger, otherwise known as vehicle infotainment systems. It often looks like a large smartphone or small tablet. It may come as no surprise that these systems are quickly joining and…

Get to know Texas’ texting and driving ban

Texas’ texting and driving law is cracking down on distracted drivers. Whether you are new to Texas, or are unaware of the 2017 law, you need to know the details and avoid a ticket - or worse, an accident. The law made it illegal to write, send, or read on your phone while driving. In…

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