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By now, you may be familiar with technicians performing a scan on a vehicle to find issues. Most San Antonio auto body shop repair estimates centers perform a scan. When you get auto body repair estimates find out that shop’s methods. It should be thorough during the entire repair process.

There are two scans to ensure that technicians find anything that is not working and to make sure all parts are working after repairs.

auto body shop repair estimates technician performs car scan

Pre-Scan Before Repair

After a collision, there is likely visible damage to the body of the car. What may not be as obvious is any damage to the car’s safety or other features. A pre-scan determines not only what is not working, but damage as a result of the collision. This scan captures the diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs).

Determining damage that happened during the collision is important for the insurance claim and if you choose to pay out-of-pocket for repairs. The scan distinguishes from issues that may be unrelated to the collision.

Post-Scan After Repair

As you choose a San Antonio auto body shop, ask about the post-scan process. You want a quality control process that guarantees any DTCs related to the collision and any set during the repair are identified and cleared.

A post-scan will also determine if any new issues developed during repair, which is not common but happens. Some codes require a brief test drive to clear or driving a specific number of miles.

Some manufacturers require shops with certified technicians to perform both scans as part of its certification process. GM is among those manufacturers that mandates both scans, along with calibration to bring the car back to its pre-crash condition.

At ProCare Automotive & Collision, a San Antonio auto body shop repair estimates and collision repair shop, we require our technicians to follow a detailed quality control process. We believe in the importance of a pre-scan and a post-scan to ensure your vehicle is safe to drive again. Give us a call and schedule a free estimate. Choosing a body shop can be tricky, but we’re here to help. Our team can answer any questions you may have about our process and auto body repair estimates.

Technology changes just about everything. It provides safety features on cars and added conveniences. It also makes auto body repair different than it used to be when choosing body shop locations.

With the added technology on cars, it has increased the challenges for repairing cars. No longer is collision repair only fixing a dented fender, there is extensive computer technology on cars that requires training and the right tools.

How is changing technology people when they're choosing body shop?

Technology is also changing collision repair for the consumer. Getting an estimate for the cost of repairs is now as easy as using your smartphone.

How to Use Your Phone to Get a Collision Repair Estimate

ProCare Automotive and Collision, a San Antonio body shop, offers a Smartphone Estimating Tool. When you have car damage and need repairs made quickly, this is a fast way to start the process.

You can have the estimate tool texted to you from the ProCare Collision website. Take photos of the damage, submit them through the tool, and receive an estimate via email within 24 hours. This starts the process and it can begin after the accident.

Benefits of Using A Smartphone Estimating Tool

This tool helps you get the repair process started right away. It can be done at any time of the day or night that is convenient to you. Once you have an idea of the cost and what it may take to repair the vehicle, you can begin working with the ProCare Collision team to have the repairs started.

Keep in mind that estimates provided from photos are only a preliminary estimate based on visible damage and that could change once a technician inspects the car more thoroughly. There could potentially be damage that isn’t visible to the eye, such as mechanical or to the car’s computer system. However, for companies with fleet vehicles using the Smartphone Estimating Tool can be beneficial so it doesn’t take vehicles or the employee away from productive work on the job.

ProCare launched the estimating tool to make the auto body repair process more efficient and hassle free. Use the tool to get your free estimate and we’ll get you back on the road.

Maintaining good quality tires on a vehicle is something car owners must do. Insufficient tread or air pressure leads to more than just a flat tire. In 2016, 85 of the fatal crashes that occurred statewide in Texas were due to defective or slick tires. While the number of tire-related crashes has dropped in the past decade, they can still happen and send your vehicle to a local auto body shop San Antonio.

good body shop searching after wreck caused by bad tires
Woman surprised that bad tires on her car caused an accident. Now she needs to find a good body shop.

Proper tire maintenance is one of many steps car owners can take to prevent an accident. Otherwise, the car owner could be choosing a local auto body shop San Antonio for auto body repair.

Proper Tire Tread

The tread on tires can vary depending on the type of tire and the type of vehicle. You want enough tire tread to allow water on the road to go through the tread. This will give your car traction.

There is a quick test you can do with a penny. Insert the penny in the tread with Lincoln’s head pointed down into the tread. If you see all of Lincoln’s head, it’s time to replace the worn tires on your vehicle. If you don’t have change, look for the tread wear indicator bars which are located on several areas of the tire. Replace the tires if the penny is flush with the adjacent grooves.

Check the Tire Pressure

The tire pressure for every vehicle can vary. It is typically between 30 and 35 psi. Make a habit of checking your tire pressure routinely and it is especially important to do this before you drive on slick roads.

While most newer vehicles are equipped with tire sensors, you do not want to always rely on that in case the sensors malfunction. Underinflated and damaged tires are leading contributors to a blowout, which can result in a serious collision.

At ProCare Automotive and Collision, an auto body shop San Antonio residents choose, we continue to see vehicles with collision damage caused by a blowout or worn tires. If you do get into an accident, use our Smartphone Estimating Tool to get a quick free estimate so you can get your car repaired and head back out on the road again.

No parent wants their teen to have an accident and wind up searching for an auto body shop San Antonio TX. Driving for the first time can come with mixed emotions for any teen. They can be extremely excited, nervous, or a combination. Parents can also feel similar emotions as they teach a teen safe driving. The last thing anyone wants is for an accident to happen.

There are a few ways to demonstrate good driver responsibility to your teen. This prevents you from choosing an auto body repair shop before you are ready.

stress safe teen driving to prevent visit to auto body shop san antonio tx

Drive by Example

AAA recently surveyed driving instructors. According to the survey, parents do not prepare their teens as well as parents did a decade ago. The instructors reported parents setting bad examples through their own driving behaviors. Research shows that teens will mimic the driving of parents or other family members.

Remember when your child gets closer to learning how to drive to be very aware of how you operate a vehicle. Follow all safety rules including reducing distractions like cell phone use and do not speed. If you are not consistent with using your turn signal or stopping completely at stop signs, having a soon-to-be driver in your car will help you get back in the practice of what you should be doing as a licensed driver.

Practice, Practice, Practice

As the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect.” With more experience that your teen can get behind the wheel and encountering a variety of driving scenarios, it will help your new driver respond better to a potential accident.

Encouragement is Important

Every parent knows that praise is helpful when a teen is doing the right thing, especially when they are driving safely behind the wheel. But encouragement in other ways is also important. Have discussions with your teen to let him or her know it is a good thing to speak up if they don’t feel safe driving or to also speak up with their peers about unsafe driving.

If something does happen and your teen is involved in an accident, the helpful team at ProCare Automotive & Collision, an auto body shop San Antonio TX, is here to help parents and teens through the stressful time. We will make the repair process hassle-free so parents and teens can focus on their own care after an accident. Use our Smartphone Estimating Tool for a free, quick estimate to get the auto body repair process started.

Driving solo for the first time is a big step for parents who want a safe teen driver. Not only do parents want their teens to operate a car safely, but they want a safe vehicle for their new driver and not finding themselves choosing body shop locations.

According to a nationwide survey, more than 80 percent of parents purchased a used vehicle for their teens. Whether a teen will have a new vehicle or used, there are plenty of safety factors to consider when selecting a car for a teen.

safe cars can lessen the odds that your family will need a San Antonio body shop.
Safe cars ensure teens have the best resources available for safe, accident-free driving.

Tips When Considering a Car

Most teens feel more comfortable driving a tiny car. Heavier vehicles prove to protect better in the event of a collision. Horsepower tempts teens and is best for drivers with more experience. Teens lack the experience on what to do if they lose control of a vehicle. This is why electronic stability control, or ESC, is essential to help the driver have greater control.

When you find a car for your teen, check the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) safety ratings. This will help narrow the selection. Once you find a car, check for recalls. If it is pre-owned, find out the history to determine if it needs repairs.

Choosing a San Antonio Body Shop

A part of preparing a teen for driving is also having a plan in the event an accident does happen. Most people do not get into accidents regularly, including parents, so choosing a reputable  body shop that will make the process hassle-free is good to know before the collision happens.

At ProCare Automotive and Collision, a San Antonio body shop, we help many parents and teens through the stressful moments after an accident. And we make getting an estimate easy for your teen with our Smartphone Estimating Tool. Once you receive your estimate, our team guides you through the repair process. We work with your insurance on a claim to ensure the highest quality repair so a teen’s car is safe to drive again.

When you need a dentist or a physician, you work to find who provides the best care. The same should be true when you have a collision and need your car repaired. For most people, researching to find the best San Antonio body shop is not on the top of a priority list. Choose an auto body shop before you need it. It is one less task to worry about after an already stressful situation of having a car wreck. Whether you have a minor fender bender or a substantial collision, having the decision made ahead of time will make your life easier.

procare collision San Antonio body shop repair provider

Finding the right San Antonio body shop before you need it prevents hassles after repairs. Confidence in an auto body shop leads to a greater chance of satisfaction in the repairs.

Reviews and Recommendations

Just like taking a look at online reviews for a restaurant, you can do the same for a collision center. Always keep in mind that you may not share the same views as those who reviewed the San Antonio body shop. Generally, if a car accident repair company has several recent bad reviews you know there may be an issue. Getting recommendations is a good demonstration when teaching a teen safe driving habits.

After looking online, contact the Better Business Bureau in San Antonio to get more details about a shop’s business reputation. If a shop has several recent complaints, look for another place to take your car.


There are a variety of certifications in the auto body repair industry. Most importantly, ask about certified collision repair. Find out if the technicians at that location hold a certification by the manufacturer of your car. If your car is new, ask how frequently technicians train. Certified collision repair is especially important if you have a luxury vehicle to ensure proper repairs.

Additionally, there is also the I-CAR Gold Class recognition. This is the highest role-relevant training achievement in the auto body industry. A collision center must maintain the relevant training across all repair roles. An I-CAR Gold Class collision repair shop demonstrates commitment to the highest standards of professionalism.

OEM Parts

If maintaining the value of your car is the most important factor during repairs, you will want to make sure the technicians use OEM parts on your vehicle. Vehicle manufacturers make OEM, or original equipment manufacturer, parts. OEM parts will match the orignial part that needs replacement. They typically cost more than aftermarket parts, but there is a better guarantee that the part will fit and function correctly.

A variety of companies make aftermarket parts, which vary in cost. Having the option to use aftermarket parts can be helpful if you need to keep your repair costs as low as possible.

choosing a San Antonio body shopFree Estimate

Find out if the collision repair shop offers a free estimate and ask how the estimate is determined. Some body shops offer features to provide a fast estimate, such as a Smartphone Estimating Tool. This tool allows drivers to take pictures of the damage and send it for an initial estimate. This can be helpful if you need to know right away approximately how much the repair will cost. Keep in mind that the estimate may change once a technician inspects the car. There could be more damage than what can be seen from the photos.

After the technician looks at your car, you’ll get a more detailed estimate. This is the time to ask about repairs and charges. Get a clear understanding of what needs to be done to your car and why that repair shop recommends those repairs.

San Antonio Body Shop Location is Important

Don’t wait until you have an accident to visit collision centers. At the minimum, drive by the shop before you do your research and factor in the location. If it is in a higher rent area, it’s possible that shop passes on that expense in the labor costs.

When choosing body shop locations, find out the differences in labor costs. If you do want to pay more, take into consideration if a nicer shop has some added benefits, more experienced technicians, or the right tools to make the repairs.


Many San Antonio body shop centers will back the work they do with a warranty. Find out what the warranty will cover and how long the warranty lasts. Some shops offer a lifetime warranty for as long as you own the car and may also offer a paint guarantee. Keep this in mind if an issue happens months after the repairs are made. If the issue is related to a faulty part or bad repairs, the shop will fix it at no cost.

At ProCare Automotive & Collision, we provide our customers with a National Limited Lifetime Warranty on any work we perform to your vehicle. We also offer the Axalta Nationwide Guarantee for paint work. And our technicians are certified by the manufacturers. Contact our team for a free estimate and to learn more how we make the collision repair process easier and hassle-free.

auto body shop repair

As a car owner, you have a decision to make about repairs if you have dents in your vehicle that are not major damage resulting from a collision. The smaller dents may be the result of hail, a minor accident, or anything else that struck your vehicle. More significant damage requires a visit to an auto body shop.

With smaller dents, you could choose not to make the repairs, especially if the repairs could cost more than the value of your vehicle. However, if your vehicle is newer you can decide whether to have paintless dent repair or auto body work completed on your vehicle.

What is Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless dent repair, or PDR, is a process of removing dents from a vehicle without altering the finish on the vehicle. Specialized tools are used to remove dents resulting from hail or similar small dents. PDR works best on vehicles when the paint is not damaged from the dent.

Finding a Body Shop

As with any auto body shop repair, the best process to finding the right place for repairs is shopping around. With damage from a major collision, the repairs must be made at an auto body shop. If the damage consists of smaller dents, you may have the option to have standard collision repair performed or use PDR.

Some places only perform PDR and do not offer the option of standard collision repair. If you have a regular body shop that you use, ask if they provide the option of PDR and what the price difference would be for that service versus collision repair.

With any auto body repair estimates are important so you can compare prices. You may decide to use PDR on your vehicle because it is cheaper, but listen to the recommendations from auto technicians. If more than one suggests collision repair over PDR, it may be because the damage is greater than it appears. For example, a dent in a door may not look significant but it could have caused damage inside the door that can’t be seen. This would require auto body repair.

Ask about guarantees and warranties with any work you have completed on your vehicle. If you need an estimate of repairs on damage to your vehicle, contact the expert team at ProCare Collision for a free estimate. Our skilled auto body shop repair technicians provide quality repairs and get you back on the road.

Not everyone understand exactly how their car works. Asking the right questions before taking your vehicle to a San Antonio auto body shop can be a challenge. Like most people, you probably want to understand the work being performed.

What should you ask when choosing a San Antonio auto body repair shop?

You have the right to select the body shop of your choice. Your insurance company might recommend one, but the ultimate decision is yours. Once you determine where to take your vehicle, you’ll need to know what to ask about the body repair.

What is Their Reputation?

Ask people you know and read online reviews about auto body repair. You can also inquire with your local Better Business Bureau office to see if any complaints have been filed. If most responses are positive, you know the shop you’re considering does quality work.

Find out about the certifications held by the technicians and the body shop. There are certifications such as I-Car and ASE. Additional brand-specific training. They ensure that technicians know how to repair a specific type of vehicle to the maker’s specifications. Certifications prove that the auto technicians are trained and knowledgeable to make the repairs.

Do Repairs Have a Warranty?

Some body shops offer a warranty for their work. Inquire about what the warranty specifically covers and how long the warranty is good. Keep in mind the warranty may be different for paint work than body repair.

Will They Provide Care Instructions?

After body work is complete on your car, especially if it involves new paint, you may be advised about a period to wait before washing your car. This is to prevent the soap from interacting with the paint and any possible brush marks from a car wash. You can use a touch-free car wash and avoid any super concentrated soap.

If you need a San Antonio auto body shop, ProCare can help. We offer a warranty to back up the repairs we make. Contact ProCare today and work with your own personal service consultant to get your repairs made quickly.

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