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After a collision, you want high-quality auto body repair for your vehicle. You need a state-of-the-art repair and paint shop. You need ProCare Collision.

Our expert technicians are continuously trained on the latest techniques to ensure your car is repaired to industry standards.

ProCare Certifications

High-performance vehicles are typically purchased for the quality of the driving experience. If a luxury vehicle is damaged in a car accident, you want to maintain that high-end quality and that’s what we deliver.

ProCare focuses on quality and that’s why we earned the iCar Gold Class designation. This means because our technicians hold advanced skills, our turnaround time for customers is remarkably shorter than other collision repair shops.

We assure that all repairs are to the standards specified by the automaker. All ProCare technicians are certified and trained specifically to each model and the technology. Our full list of certifications includes:

·       Acura

·       Ford 150

·       Honda Pro First

·       GM

·        Hyundai

·       Infiniti

·       Nissan

Additionally, ProCare has aluminum certified repair facilities with technicians who are trained by automotive manufacturers on how to properly repair aluminum on the vehicles they make. ProCare focuses on every manufacturer certification, along with the iCar Gold Class designation. These certifications mean we are dedicated to continuously training our team to ensure the highest quality service and repair for every vehicle that comes to one of our shops.

Lifetime Warranty

The ProCare Family cares for your safety. We understand that you are putting your trust in us as you hand over your key. That is why quality of our materials and repair work is set to the highest standards. We guarantee that as long as you own your vehicle, we will correct or repair all defects in relation to the repair. Contact our store to schedule a free appointment.

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