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When you need a dentist or a physician, you work to find who provides the best care. The same should be true when you have a collision and need your car repaired. For most people, researching to find the best San Antonio body shop is not on the top of a priority list. Choose an auto body shop before you need it. It is one less task to worry about after an already stressful situation of having a car wreck. Whether you have a minor fender bender or a substantial collision, having the decision made ahead of time will make your life easier.

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Finding the right San Antonio body shop before you need it prevents hassles after repairs. Confidence in an auto body shop leads to a greater chance of satisfaction in the repairs.

Reviews and Recommendations

Just like taking a look at online reviews for a restaurant, you can do the same for a collision center. Always keep in mind that you may not share the same views as those who reviewed the San Antonio body shop. Generally, if a car accident repair company has several recent bad reviews you know there may be an issue. Getting recommendations is a good demonstration when teaching a teen safe driving habits.

After looking online, contact the Better Business Bureau in San Antonio to get more details about a shop’s business reputation. If a shop has several recent complaints, look for another place to take your car.


There are a variety of certifications in the auto body repair industry. Most importantly, ask about certified collision repair. Find out if the technicians at that location hold a certification by the manufacturer of your car. If your car is new, ask how frequently technicians train. Certified collision repair is especially important if you have a luxury vehicle to ensure proper repairs.

Additionally, there is also the I-CAR Gold Class recognition. This is the highest role-relevant training achievement in the auto body industry. A collision center must maintain the relevant training across all repair roles. An I-CAR Gold Class collision repair shop demonstrates commitment to the highest standards of professionalism.

OEM Parts

If maintaining the value of your car is the most important factor during repairs, you will want to make sure the technicians use OEM parts on your vehicle. Vehicle manufacturers make OEM, or original equipment manufacturer, parts. OEM parts will match the orignial part that needs replacement. They typically cost more than aftermarket parts, but there is a better guarantee that the part will fit and function correctly.

A variety of companies make aftermarket parts, which vary in cost. Having the option to use aftermarket parts can be helpful if you need to keep your repair costs as low as possible.

choosing a San Antonio body shopFree Estimate

Find out if the collision repair shop offers a free estimate and ask how the estimate is determined. Some body shops offer features to provide a fast estimate, such as a Smartphone Estimating Tool. This tool allows drivers to take pictures of the damage and send it for an initial estimate. This can be helpful if you need to know right away approximately how much the repair will cost. Keep in mind that the estimate may change once a technician inspects the car. There could be more damage than what can be seen from the photos.

After the technician looks at your car, you’ll get a more detailed estimate. This is the time to ask about repairs and charges. Get a clear understanding of what needs to be done to your car and why that repair shop recommends those repairs.

San Antonio Body Shop Location is Important

Don’t wait until you have an accident to visit collision centers. At the minimum, drive by the shop before you do your research and factor in the location. If it is in a higher rent area, it’s possible that shop passes on that expense in the labor costs.

When choosing body shop locations, find out the differences in labor costs. If you do want to pay more, take into consideration if a nicer shop has some added benefits, more experienced technicians, or the right tools to make the repairs.


Many San Antonio body shop centers will back the work they do with a warranty. Find out what the warranty will cover and how long the warranty lasts. Some shops offer a lifetime warranty for as long as you own the car and may also offer a paint guarantee. Keep this in mind if an issue happens months after the repairs are made. If the issue is related to a faulty part or bad repairs, the shop will fix it at no cost.

At ProCare Automotive & Collision, we provide our customers with a National Limited Lifetime Warranty on any work we perform to your vehicle. We also offer the Axalta Nationwide Guarantee for paint work. And our technicians are certified by the manufacturers. Contact our team for a free estimate and to learn more how we make the collision repair process easier and hassle-free.

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