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If you take your car to an auto body shop, you probably want to know you’re getting the quality repair you paid for.

It is hard to spot correct repairs without the knowledge the technicians possess. The car may look OK and run fine after you leave, but it could have issues you can’t see. There’s no way to guarantee your car won’t have problems after a repair, but here are a few things to look for to assure you of the repair quality.

Inspect before you leave

Before you leave the body shop, take the time to closely look at the vehicle.

Check for:

  • Alignment between fenders and doors
  • Check for any noticeable gaps between panels
  • Turn on the headlights to check for proper alignment (with front-end repairs)
  • Examine any paintwork in the daylight, if possible, to make sure the color matches
  • Check for any dirt trapped in the finish
  • Review the charges to make sure the amount is correct before you pay

Report the issue

Report any issues you see when you pick up your vehicle. It is best to fix the issues before you pay. Know if the collision center offers warranty, what the warranty covers, and for how long. If you experience problems later, a warranty covers those repairs. Most shops want to make things right.

If you face challenges getting the repair shop to correct problems, you can report the business to the Better Business Bureau for bad practices. Some circumstances could reach the level of reporting to the Texas Attorney General, if it falls under Deceptive Trade Practices in the Consumer Protection Act. For example, if a body shop charges for repairs never made.

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