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In the early days of the automotive industry, cars were black and that was the only choice. Eventually in the early 1920’s, cars were available in a greater variety of colors. Fast forward to today and you can get any color you dream on a vehicle.

Drivers who want a custom auto paint job on their cars often want more than just a different color. Auto painting takes on a new depth now and colors can have dimension when light is reflected on them and depending on the angle in which you look at the car.

Bright Ideas

A custom auto paint job takes on the personality of the car owner. It’s all about what he or she wants to express. Take for example a Phoenix Yellow or Austin Yellow BMW, or how about a Molten Pearl Lexus? These are not car colors that most every day commuters would choose and it takes a driver who wants to stay out from the crowd to choose bold colors.

And bold colors are not just for the average priced car. Some Rolls Royce owners like to deck their vehicles out as well with unique tones not typically found on the ultimate luxury car. Want a bright blue Bentley? That can be yours with a custom paint job. While these vehicles take on a specific tone, some drivers like to like to have a variety of shades on their ride.

Multiple Color Tones

A car doesn’t necessarily have to be just one color. It can be multiple colors. Some cars feature a custom paint detail with iridescent colors that have a different shade and look depending on how the light shines on the vehicle.

For example, the Spectral Amber ChromaFlair option on the 2011 Ranger Rover features lemon and lime tones. And if you really like changing colors, multiple layers of thermochromic, or heat-sensitive, paint were used to transform a BMW X6 into The Incredible Hulk.

Express your individual style on your car and contact the expert paint technicians at ProCare Automotive in San Antonio to handle your custom auto painting needs.

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Could These Colors be the Hot Trend for Auto Painting in San Antonio?
What’s the latest trend in auto painting in San Antonio? Read about the unusual car paint jobs that body shops are doing on a variety of autos.
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