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We ❤ Veterans

We love our Veterans. That is why we partnered up with Progressives’ program Keys to Progress. Keys to Progress is a respected initiative in the community. Through the ProCare Family, we donated two cars to Veterans in need. Veterans that have given so much to our country.



Our shops are very humbled and honored to be a part of this service to Veterans. It is a great way to celebrate and help Veterans during this time of the year. This is just one of the ways we help in the Veteran and Military community. All year long we have a program to help Veterans receive our services if they need collision repair. We call it our VIP Program and you can read about it below. This program can help with bumper, dent and collision repair.

Photos from the Day

It was a great day giving away these two cars to two heroic Veterans. We are so grateful to help people like them. There is always a need like this in the community. In tough circumstances, the need for transportation can be met through this great program. Through Keys to Progress and our VIP Program, we can help those in need every day through small details to large contributions.

VIP Program for Veterans

The VIP Program was created to help the servicemen and women in our communities. Veterans and the Military are a part of this program. This program is at all our body shops and helps with bumper, dent, and collision repair. We know that you give or have given so much more to this country and community. For more information on the VIP Program please call your local ProCare auto body shop.

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