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Your vehicle is one of the largest purchases you make, so it’s important to protect your investment. If you have an accident, have your car repaired at a San Antonio certified collision center.

Certified collision repair means technicians train through industry-leading programs and by the manufacturers. They learn how to repair a vehicle to the maker’s specifications. If you own a luxury vehicle, repairs need to be precisely to the manufacturer’s standards.

Manufacturer Certifications

There are a variety of certifications in the auto body repair industry. One of the most important is for a technician to be certified by the vehicle maker. When researching collision repair centers, ask if that location has technicians who have received training by the automobile manufacturer. Once a technician reaches a minimum of two years auto body repair experience, he or she can be certified.

Also find out how often they train. As technology changes on vehicles, it is necessary to attend additional training.


I-CAR Gold Class

The training and certifications our technicians have finished means we have special qualifications. ProCare holds the I-CAR Gold Class designation. Our shops meet the I-CAR Gold Class criteria. Certifications and advanced skills held by our team of technicians means they provide efficient, high-quality repairs resulting in a faster turnaround for the customer.

We have 14 OEM certifications from a variety of manufacturers, such as Land Rover, Jaguar, Porsche, Honda, and others. Customers can rest assured that ProCare will repair their car properly. We also have aluminum certified repair facilities with technicians who are trained by the manufacturers on how to properly repair aluminum on their vehicles.

Recertification and ongoing training is our commitment to guarantee the highest quality repairs to your luxury vehicle. Because our team completes extensive hours and rigorous testing, they have proven their skills mastery. We are committed to safe repairs that bring your vehicle back to its original form. Call our team at ProCare Automotive & Collision to schedule a free estimate and let us show you how certified collision repair makes a difference.

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