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It’s hard to know whether you’re getting a quality repair, but we have a few pointers for narrowing it down.

When you take your car to a local body shop, you want to receive a quality repair. You also want to make sure you get the best deal for the work you need since each body shop charges different prices.

There are a few tips to keep in mind as you research the best local body shop. These key points will make the process easier and can lead you to a body shop that performs quality work.

1. What is their reputation?

A quality body shop will likely have good ratings on various sites such as Yelp and Facebook. Take each review with a grain of salt, but if their customers tend to leave good reviews, then you can have greater confidence in visiting those shops.

2. Seek recommendations

The first step to finding a quality auto body repair shop is getting multiple recommendations. One way is to contact your local Better Business Bureau to find out if any complaints have been filed against a body shop you are considering.

Also, ask people you know, and look at reviews online. Word-of-mouth recommendations speak to the quality and experience, so pay attention to these recommendations especially from people you trust.

3. Location and overhead

When you find a highly recommended local body shop, check their labor costs. Location may be a reason a shop could charge more per hour for labor costs. An auto body shop located in an area where property is expensive may charge more in labor to cover those costs.

If you live in an expensive area, you might want to try to find a body shop in a less popular area for a better price.

4. Do they offer a warranty?

A reputable auto body shop will guarantee the work with a warranty. Find out about the warranty specific to body repairs and paintwork on your vehicle. Ask what the warranty specifically covers and how long the warranty lasts.

Many shops, like ProCare Collision, offer a limited lifetime warranty on the work they do. Therefore, if you find something wrong with the work later on, you can come back and have them fix it for free or at a reduced price.

A warranty also speaks to the company’s level of commitment to getting the job done right. Warranty repairs eat into shop profits, so the warranty shows confidence that their work will be a lasting, quality repair.

5. Check for certifications

Find a shop that is certified to work on your make of vehicle. Continual training is essential in the auto industry with changing technology. See if the technicians receive training through I-Car, ASE, or even the specific manufacturer of your vehicle.

Because cars are continually changing, it’s important for techs to receive updated training on a regular basis. You wouldn’t want someone working on your hybrid vehicle if they don’t have any experience with hybrids. A tech who is unfamiliar could permanently damage your electrical system - the same with other upgrades in car technology as well.


Article Name
5 tips to find a quality repair shop
Determining where to take your car for repair can take time and research. Here are 5 tips to find a quality auto body shop.

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