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Help! I had an accident. How do I find the best collision center near me? The repair process will be more efficient if you understand how it works before you go.

Many commonly asked questions customers have can be addressed ahead of time. Make the process faster and more efficient and know the answers beforehand.

Oh, no! An accident! What should I know before I find a collision center near me?

Choosing a Collision Center

Your insurance company may recommend an auto body shop, but the decision for where you want your car repaired is yours. A direct repair shop, or DRP, meets specific criteria set by your insurance company and is a preferred shop. Insurance companies consistently monitor these shops to decide if they maintain their status. Working with a DRP means the process is also more streamlined. These shops do not have to wait for an insurance adjuster to write the estimate and order parts.

Getting an Estimate

When the technician can view your car in person, the estimate will be most accurate. To get an idea of approximately how much the repairs may cost, you can use a Smartphone Estimating Tool to get the process started. The photos work for an initial estimate. A technician needs to further examine the car to determine if there is any hidden damage.


You may hear about various certifications when searching for a, “collision center near me.” Typically those do mean something to the customer. Before committing to a collision repair shop, ask if the technicians are certified by the manufacturer of your car. This means the the manufacturer trains the technician. They understand how to make repairs specific to your car and by the manufacturer’s recommendations. Find out how often the technicians train, especially if your vehicle is brand new.

The team at ProCare Automotive and Collision in San Antonio, is a direct repair shop for most insurance companies. Our technicians are routinely certified by manufacturers to provide high quality repairs on newer and older cars. Try our estimating tool to get a fast estimate and see how our repair process is easy and efficient.

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