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If you have an accident in a GM vehicle, find a GM certified body shop. This means the technicians at that auto body shop train with GM to make the repairs as specified.

Recently, General Motors (GM) announced plans to launch a comprehensive collision certification program. This new program holds collision centers to the highest standards in the industry. It also tracks a body shop on specific procedures. As a result, GM will use these metrics to generate a score. That score will determine recommendations for car owners.

gm certified san antonio body shop

Repair Checklist

Technicians must earn the certification based on requirements from the manufacturer. Those requirements vary by manufacturer. GM’s new program will be more extensive. It will include new criteria that many San Antonio body shops need to follow.

The new program will include measurements for performing pre-repair and post-repair scans of the car. This ensures the car was checked for any issues before repairs. In addition, it helps guarantee all necessary repairs were made. Other criteria in the program includes performing recalibration and welding technique.

Finding a GM Certified Body Shop

The new program will hold a San Antonio auto body shop more accountable. It will also help GM car owners find the best body shop San Antonio, Texas has to offer.

GM will use this program to base its collision repair recommendations for customers using its OnStar platform. Customers will know the shops GM provides scored well on the manufacturer’s criteria.

In conclusion, ProCare Automotive & Collision, a San Antonio body shop, offers GM certified collision repair. Our technicians regularly train on the latest techniques. We make sure our shops have the right equipment to fix your car back to its factory condition. Contact us for a free estimate.

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