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A new year brings fresh developments in automotive technology and features. The changes can improve comfort, safety, and the overall experience in the vehicle.

A brand new vehicle is exciting and enjoyable to drive, until the vehicle is involved in a collision. A car owner will want an auto body shop in San Antonio that can repair a vehicle back to a new condition.

New Vehicle, New Ways to Repair

When a vehicle maker unveils new technology or features, that means an auto technician must know how to repair those features as soon as the car is available on the market.

Technicians at ProCare Automotive and Collision in San Antonio are required to regularly train and hold certifications from vehicle makers, among other certification programs. This continuous training ensures our team makes precise repairs on the newest vehicles.

The training and certifications is part of our commitment to provide superior quality repairs to your new vehicle.

2017 Car Trends

There are plenty of new features available on 2017 vehicles. This year, technology is the focus for the latest car trends. For example, as more cars feature touch screens there will be fewer buttons and knobs on the car dashboard. This means auto technicians will need to be well-trained on repairing a vehicle’s computer system as more features on the car depend on that system.

Laser headlights are now legal in the United States and will be available on some cars in 2017. A rear-axle-disconnect has been available on the Jeep Renegade and Cherokee models, but this year the Compass will also offer this feature. Electric-powered axles are known to improve fuel consumption and performance and this year they will be available on more vehicles.

Keep a brand new, 2017 vehicle in pristine condition even after a collision by bringing it to ProCare Automotive and Collision. Our trained and highly skilled technicians can repair your vehicle to look and function just like new again.


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