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Adult upset driver man inspecting automobile body after crash car collision accident

When you purchased your vehicle, you had specific reasons for choosing that make and model. Price was likely a factor, but you may have selected the car because of how it drives or how it looks. If your vehicle is wrecked, you want it back in the same condition before it was damaged.

Auto body repair shops may require technicians to earn a variety of certifications. Each certification requires training and meeting specific requirements

Becoming Certified

There are several certifications technicians can earn in the auto body repair industry. Vehicle makers have their own certifications. If an automotive technician holds certifications from makers, this means that individual has been trained and tested to understand the specific technology and latest standards from this vehicle maker.

Auto body repair shops can also hold specific certifications, such as the highest training achievement in the collision repair industry, the iCar Gold Class certification. This means a collision repair shop trains its technicians every year, plus designates experts to be highly skilled in four key collision repair roles of estimator, non-structural technician, steel structural technician, and refinish technician. A shop can also have other certifications, such as being a Factory Aluminum Certified Repair center.

ProCare Certifications

At ProCare Automotive and Collision, we are proud to hold many certifications. Our shop is Factory Aluminum Certified and iCar Gold Class certified. The iCar Gold Class certification means that our technicians hold advanced skills and that our turnaround time for repairs is significantly shorter than most auto body repair shops because of the extensive training our technicians have.

ProCare is also part of the Assured Performance Network, Assured Performance Certified, and holds the ASE certification. Additionally, ProCare’s paint services are backed by Axalta Nationwide Guarantee.

Technicians at ProCare are trained by auto makers and hold certifications to perform precise body work for specific models. Our team continuously trains to provide the highest quality repairs to your vehicle. And our services are backed by a National Limited Lifetime Warranty. Contact ProCare today to work with a personal service consultant who will help you through the entire repair process.

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