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ProCare Collision – a Texas-based Multi Shop Operator (MSO) – announced today that they have acquired American Collision Repair Center, a historical auto body shop in the Corpus Christi community. With this acquisition, ProCare now has 43 shops in 25 different markets across Texas.

ProCare and American share the belief that exceptional quality collision repair and unmatched customer service are the foundation of a business that we are all proud to be part of.

“We are excited to continue the same great services in the Corpus Christi community and work with the employees that made it so,” said Vince Brock CEO of ProCare.

ProCare Collision is I-Car Gold Class Certified and currently has shops throughout San Antonio, Austin, and Houston. The locations will retain its skilled employees and will receive ProCare’s combined resources to provide a streamlined customer experience.

Strengthening our Community

When you bring your vehicle to ProCare Collision, you are not only making a good decision as a car owner, you are making a good decision as a community member.

We believe in the importance of supporting the community we share, and we thank our customers and partners for joining us on this mission.

Here are some ways that we give back. Please contact us if you would like to be involved with our community outreach efforts.

Father driving away from auto body shop
ProCare Employees in Auto Body SHop
Family with Auto Service Advisor at Body Shop


Recycled Rides


ProCare Collision is proud to participate in Recycled Rides, a national program that relies on industry-wide collaboration to provide cars to people in need.

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