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Anita Lafferty gives out Oreos and rulers to teachers and faculty at Leander ISD.

Our number one priority is to keep the communities around us safe. Let us show you how we do that with our quarterly newsletter. Stay update to date with all things ProCare Collision.

Be a Part of Our Community

At ProCare, we are busy making an impact in your community. We always have a lot going on outside of fixing dent, bumper and fender repairs. In the last year we have helped with food donations, school supply drives, teacher support and much more.
One of our proudest moments is giving away repaired cars through programs such as the Keys to Progress and Recycled Rides. There are veterans picked every year for these programs to receive free vehicles as a family car. We are lucky to be one of the collision centers to repair any damages on the car before given to the veteran and family.
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Stay in touch with us through social media. While we only send 4 emails a year, we are always on social media. We will keep you in the loop on what we are up to and what community event we will be at next. You will even have the chance to win prizes!

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