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It’s that time of year in Texas when storms take a toll on our property, including our cars. While small hail may not cause any damage, the Lone Star State is known for its Texas-sized hail and the result is a need for hail damage repairs. The largest hail on record in Texas was 8 inches in diameter from a hailstorm in Odessa in May 1960. We hope we don’t have that size hail anytime soon, but even smaller size hail can cause major damage and possibly total a vehicle.

If your vehicle is not totaled by a hailstorm, you have options for hail damage repair. The choices depend on how bad and the type of damage to your vehicle.

Paintless dent repair

When the hail is not pea-sized, and it leaves dimples on your car similar to the look of a golf ball, you may choose paintless dent repair for your vehicle. Find a body shop that can do paintless dent repair (PDR) and have certified technicians.

There are some benefits to PDR. It will maintain the original factory paint on your vehicle, avoid negative CARFAX reports if you plan to sell the vehicle in the future, and it saves time and money. If the damage is small and you only need minor hail damage repairs, you’ll want to choose PDR to preserve the look of your car. You may also choose to pay out of pocket versus filing an insurance claim. Check with your insurance agent first, because some plans do cover the cost of PDR.

Most hail damage can be fixed with PDR, but there is some damage that will require collision repair.

Collision repair

If the hail left behind dents in your car chipped or cracked the paint, then you will need collision repair. It is best to find a repair shop that has technicians certified by the manufacturer of your car. This will help remove the dents and ensure that the paintwork on your vehicle will match.

The team at ProCare Automotive and Collision has technicians who are certified by manufacturers and certified to perform PDR on your vehicle. You have a choice for the type of repair you want. Our team at ProCare can provide a recommendation for the option that will work best. Give us a call for a free estimate or use our Smartphone Estimating Tool for a fast estimate.

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