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Accidents happen every day in San Antonio. Typically, they are caused by one driver not following the traffic laws in Texas. Drivers are busy or often in a hurry, but no matter the situation the laws are there to prevent accidents that could potentially lead to injuries or death.

There are some traffic laws that are broken more than others and it is important for all drivers to be aware that violating these laws could lead to a collision.


Speeding is a common traffic violation and if a driver is excessively speeding over the posted limit, it could lead to a serious collision and possibly a suspended license. If it’s a first time speeding violation in Texas, the fine can be up to $200.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is becoming more frequent on San Antonio roads, especially as drivers use their smartphones while driving. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, one in every five crashes involves driver distraction.

City ordinances vary from city to city in Texas regarding cell phone use, so the best way to avoid a fine of $200 to $500 is to use a hands-free device if you plan to talk on the phone. Never text and drive.

Running a Red Light

As drivers get in a hurry or they are distracted, they run a greater risk of not stopping for a red light. If a city has red light cameras, the fine is about $75. If a driver is stopped by an officer, the ticket could cost as much as $200 and there is always the increased potential of getting into an accident.


Texas drivers must use headlights at night and when the visibility conditions are less than 1,000 feet. This not only helps the driver to see better, but also other drivers have a better chance of seeing your car.

Illegal Maneuvers

In Texas, a driver can only make a U-turn if the driver can clearly see at least 500 feet in front and behind the driver. Making an illegal U-turn could result in a reckless driving ticket and potentially cause an accident.

At ProCare Collision, an auto body repair shop in San Antonio, we hope everyone remembers these laws and drives safely. If you do end up in an accident and need a body repair shop, contact our highly skilled team to schedule your free estimate. A personal service consultant will help you with the complete repair process so you can drive your vehicle again soon.


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