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What is a direct repair shop?

Insurance companies may recommend a local auto body shop. Learn what this means and if you are required to use that collision center.

A technician with red hair looks at a diagnostic reader while sitting in the passenger seat of a car.

ProCare celebrates 20 years

A new San Antonio collision center opens its doors. Learn why this is a return to the company’s roots.

Photo of the San Antonio skyline at sunset

Late-night hosts: Which would you trust with your car?

Would you trust your collision repair to anyone, including a celebrity? Learn three quick tips to ensure quality auto body repair.

A cartoon of five late-night hosts fixing a red car. The title says April is National Car Care Month.

5 states with best driving records and commutes

Texas is known for its long commutes and car wrecks along the way. Learn why it’s important to choose a San Antonio collision center before a collision.

5 steps of quality auto body repair

If you’ve ever wondered about collision repairs being correct on your car, you’re not alone. Learn five steps that every local auto body shop should follow.

How do I know if my collision repair was done right?

Knowing if a collision repair shop made the repairs properly is difficult. Learn some tips of what to look for when you pick up your car.

What is certified collision repair?

Collision centers may hold a variety of certifications, all which have different meaning for the customer. With technology and safety features continuously changing on cars, the right training and equipment means an auto body shop will provide higher quality work on your vehicle.

Fast Certified Collision Repair

Towing to a Local Body Shop After an Accident

When you get in an accident, it feels like everything is happening at once. Law enforcement is asking what happened, you have questions from the other driver, and your insurance company needs details. Additionally, you have to determine if you need towing services. You have towing options A tow truck may arrive to the accident…

towing to local auto body shop

5 tips for maximizing hybrid fuel efficiency

If you own a hybrid vehicle, you probably purchased it for its fuel efficiency. While using any electric vehicle, you’re significantly increasing your fuel efficiency, but there are a few tricks to getting the most out of your hybrid battery. Here are our top five tips to get more miles per gallon on your hybrid….

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