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Tag: distracted driving

Quiz: How well do you know your driving rules?

Do you know your driving rules? It’s important to follow driving laws to prevent accidents and unsafe driving behavior. Test your knowledge with our driving rules quiz:   For more safety apps and tips, follow ProCare Collision on Instagram.   Want more driver safety tips? Sign up for our quarterly newsletter here:    

How to talk to your teen about distracted driving

As a driver, you know there are a ton of distractions that can take your eyes and mind away from the road. Your teen may be aware of these distractions, but may not know how serious they can affect their driving. Drivers under 20 are at the highest risk of distracted driving accidents, largely thanks…

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How to master a stress-free commute

  Let’s be honest. Central Texas’ worst drawback is the traffic. Whether you’re driving into San Antonio, Austin, or just trying to get through town in San Marcos, congestion is abound. That’s why it’s smart to have a plan to kick the stress for your mid-week traffic jam. Not only will calming down help you…

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How can I stress safe driving to my teen?

Telling a teen to drive safely isn’t always easy. Learn from a San Antonio collision center how to teach safe driving by demonstrating.

teen unsafe driving leads to auto body repair

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