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As a driver in Texas, you probably carry at least the minimum auto liability insurance or more if you choose. When you establish your policy, an agent reviews the details with you. Don’t wait until you are researching auto body repair San Antonio residents recommend to understand what the policy covers.

There are several different types of coverage, but two of the most common forms that pay for repairs are collision and comprehensive. What caused the accident will normally determine which type of coverage should be used at a San Antonio auto body shop.

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Collision Coverage

Liability insurance only covers damage and injuries for other people. In Texas, 30/60/25 coverage means basic coverage. If your vehicle has damage, the auto body repair will be an out-of-pocket expense. You may also be responsible for any costs beyond what your policy covers.

If you carry more than liability, check your policy to see the amount of coverage you have for damage. When an insurance company totals a car, the insurance company pays actual cash value of the vehicle up to the dollar limits on your policy.

Comprehensive Coverage for Auto Body Repair

Comprehensive coverage takes care of the repair or replacements costs of your car for anything other than a collision. Depending on the policy, it could include the cost for a rental car during collision repair.

This type of coverage can be helpful if you have hail damage, a tree falls on your car, or if you hit a deer. The amount of what will be covered in repairs depends on the type of policy.

Coverage can vary and it depends on what you want to pay. If you don’t want to be out-of-pocket a lot of money for repairs after an accident, discuss this with your agent to make sure you have the coverage you want.

At ProCare Automotive & Collision, auto body repair San Antonio residents recommend, our team works with a variety of insurance companies. We can answer any questions about repair costs and coverage. Give us a call for a free estimate and we will guide you through the repair process, including an explanation of what your policy will cover.

When an accident happens, you need a local auto body shop. Insurance companies often recommend a shop from the direct repair shop program, or DRP. The best San Antonio collision centers earn an insurance company’s approval for its recommendations.

Insurance companies provide the recommendation to help customers find an auto body shop. Some collision centers offer more conveniences to be on the DRP list. As a result, this makes auto body repair easier for the customer.

what is a direct repair shop?

Recommended Auto Body Shop

A direct repair shop in San Antonio meets specific criteria established by your insurance company and is part of the DRP. Your insurance agent will likely recommend a body shop in San Antonio. You can choose that collision center or use a different one. The decision on where you want your car repaired is up to you.

Insurance companies routinely monitor direct repair shops to check for quality standards so they can maintain the status on the DRP. These shops feature a more streamlined process because those locations do not have to wait for an insurance adjuster to write the estimate and order parts. Ask your agent if there is a lifetime guarantee offered for using a shop on the DRP.

A Direct Repair Shop in San Antonio

At ProCare Automotive & Collision, a San Antonio collision center, we are proud to be a direct repair shop that is preferred by many insurance companies. Our goal is to always provide exceptional customer service and exceed expectations for auto body repair. We have the latest equipment to provide our team the tools necessary for quality repairs on any car. And we have technicians who are certified by a variety of auto makers.

We have multiple locations in San Antonio to conveniently serve you, including one on Fairdale, one on SE Military, and one on SW Military. We also have locations in Live Oak and New Braunfels. Give us a call to schedule a free estimate or use our Smartphone Estimating Tool to get an estimate before visiting one of our shops. Our helpful team will guide you through the process to make sure your experience is hassle-free!

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