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A consumer may react first to a new vehicle model because of the exterior design. Today’s cars consist of more than just looks and how it rides. A variety of technology packages now available keep everyone in the vehicle safe. Technology and certified collision repair go hand-in-hand with new cars.

Accidents happen to old and new vehicles. Find San Antonio body shops that offer certified collision repair to fix a new vehicle.

how do new car technology and certified collision repair work together

What is Certified Collision Repair?

One of the first questions you should ask of an auto body shop is if the technicians are certified. Then find out how often the technicians train. Technicians need frequent manufacturer certification to understand new changes to the car’s body and technology.

If an accident damages a feature such as the automatic emergency braking (AEB), the technician must know how to repair it to the manufacturer’s standards so it will operate safely again.

How Will Certified Collision Repair Matter for My New Car?

If an accident damages the blind-spot warning on your vehicle, don’t take your car to any body shop San Antonio has to offer. That collision repair shop may not have the necessary tools and technology to repair your car. If the technicians at that shop are not trained by the manufacturer, the repairs may not be made correctly.

Before you have an accident, find a San Antonio body shop with certified technicians who train regularly with the manufacturer. At ProCare Automotive and Collision, our technicians are certified. They can repair a variety of vehicle makes including luxury lines such as Porsche, Land Rover, and Audi. Contact our team to learn more about our efficient repair process.

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