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Not everyone understand exactly how their car works. Asking the right questions before taking your vehicle to a San Antonio auto body shop can be a challenge. Like most people, you probably want to understand the work being performed.

What should you ask when choosing a San Antonio auto body repair shop?

You have the right to select the body shop of your choice. Your insurance company might recommend one, but the ultimate decision is yours. Once you determine where to take your vehicle, you’ll need to know what to ask about the body repair.

What is Their Reputation?

Ask people you know and read online reviews about auto body repair. You can also inquire with your local Better Business Bureau office to see if any complaints have been filed. If most responses are positive, you know the shop you’re considering does quality work.

Find out about the certifications held by the technicians and the body shop. There are certifications such as I-Car and ASE. Additional brand-specific training. They ensure that technicians know how to repair a specific type of vehicle to the maker’s specifications. Certifications prove that the auto technicians are trained and knowledgeable to make the repairs.

Do Repairs Have a Warranty?

Some body shops offer a warranty for their work. Inquire about what the warranty specifically covers and how long the warranty is good. Keep in mind the warranty may be different for paint work than body repair.

Will They Provide Care Instructions?

After body work is complete on your car, especially if it involves new paint, you may be advised about a period to wait before washing your car. This is to prevent the soap from interacting with the paint and any possible brush marks from a car wash. You can use a touch-free car wash and avoid any super concentrated soap.

If you need a San Antonio auto body shop, ProCare can help. We offer a warranty to back up the repairs we make. Contact ProCare today and work with your own personal service consultant to get your repairs made quickly.

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