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Texas has miles and miles of highways. With all those roads, thankfully the Lone Star State does not rank at the top for the most dangerous highways in the country. California ranks number one in that category. But maybe you’re curious, what are the most dangerous roads in Texas?

If you travel near any of the major cities, take note of some of the most dangerous highways or plan to visit the nearest San Antonio collision center.

what are the most dangerous roads in texas

Topping the List in the San Antonio Area

A recent study showed that a 14-mile stretch of I-410 had the largest amount of the 176 fatalities that occurred during a two-year stretch from 2013 to 2015. The study also showed that I-35 is on the list and in the San Antonio area, there were nine accidents near mile marker 101 that resulted in 13 fatalities and 11 crashes near mile marker 128 that resulted in 11 fatalities.

Two areas of Interstate 10 also ranked in the top 25 on the list, at mile markers 83 and 140. U.S. Highway 90, FM 2252, SL 13, and SL 1604 were also on the list. As many San Antonio residents may know, some of these are in high traffic areas which increases the risk for major collisions.

What Drivers Can Do on Dangerous Roads in Texas

Knowing which areas are at a greater risk for accidents can help drivers be more aware and possibly avoid the need for auto body repair and reduce the risk for injury or death. Drivers should always focus on the task of driving and never get distracted. They should always be aware of their surroundings and other vehicles. In high traffic areas, it’s especially important to focus on all of the cars around. High speed can also lead to serious accidents. If the area is difficult to see oncoming traffic, take it slow and use extra precautions.

At ProCare Automotive and Collision, a San Antonio body shop, we not only work here but we also live here. We care about our neighbors and our community. It is our hope that everyone resolves to drive as safely as possible. If you do get into an accident, get a free estimate on our Smart Estimating Tool and our team will give you a hassle-free experience for collision repair.

Your vehicle is one of the largest purchases you make, so it’s important to protect your investment. If you have an accident, have your car repaired at a San Antonio certified collision center.

Certified collision repair means technicians train through industry-leading programs and by the manufacturers. They learn how to repair a vehicle to the maker’s specifications. If you own a luxury vehicle, repairs need to be precisely to the manufacturer’s standards.

Manufacturer Certifications

There are a variety of certifications in the auto body repair industry. One of the most important is for a technician to be certified by the vehicle maker. When researching collision repair centers, ask if that location has technicians who have received training by the automobile manufacturer. Once a technician reaches a minimum of two years auto body repair experience, he or she can be certified.

Also find out how often they train. As technology changes on vehicles, it is necessary to attend additional training.


I-CAR Gold Class

The training and certifications our technicians have finished means we have special qualifications. ProCare holds the I-CAR Gold Class designation. Our shops meet the I-CAR Gold Class criteria. Certifications and advanced skills held by our team of technicians means they provide efficient, high-quality repairs resulting in a faster turnaround for the customer.

We have 14 OEM certifications from a variety of manufacturers, such as Land Rover, Jaguar, Porsche, Honda, and others. Customers can rest assured that ProCare will repair their car properly. We also have aluminum certified repair facilities with technicians who are trained by the manufacturers on how to properly repair aluminum on their vehicles.

Recertification and ongoing training is our commitment to guarantee the highest quality repairs to your luxury vehicle. Because our team completes extensive hours and rigorous testing, they have proven their skills mastery. We are committed to safe repairs that bring your vehicle back to its original form. Call our team at ProCare Automotive & Collision to schedule a free estimate and let us show you how certified collision repair makes a difference.

By now, you may be familiar with technicians performing a scan on a vehicle to find issues. Most San Antonio auto body shop repair estimates centers perform a scan. When you get auto body repair estimates find out that shop’s methods. It should be thorough during the entire repair process.

There are two scans to ensure that technicians find anything that is not working and to make sure all parts are working after repairs.

auto body shop repair estimates technician performs car scan

Pre-Scan Before Repair

After a collision, there is likely visible damage to the body of the car. What may not be as obvious is any damage to the car’s safety or other features. A pre-scan determines not only what is not working, but damage as a result of the collision. This scan captures the diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs).

Determining damage that happened during the collision is important for the insurance claim and if you choose to pay out-of-pocket for repairs. The scan distinguishes from issues that may be unrelated to the collision.

Post-Scan After Repair

As you choose a San Antonio auto body shop, ask about the post-scan process. You want a quality control process that guarantees any DTCs related to the collision and any set during the repair are identified and cleared.

A post-scan will also determine if any new issues developed during repair, which is not common but happens. Some codes require a brief test drive to clear or driving a specific number of miles.

Some manufacturers require shops with certified technicians to perform both scans as part of its certification process. GM is among those manufacturers that mandates both scans, along with calibration to bring the car back to its pre-crash condition.

At ProCare Automotive & Collision, a San Antonio auto body shop repair estimates and collision repair shop, we require our technicians to follow a detailed quality control process. We believe in the importance of a pre-scan and a post-scan to ensure your vehicle is safe to drive again. Give us a call and schedule a free estimate. Choosing a body shop can be tricky, but we’re here to help. Our team can answer any questions you may have about our process and auto body repair estimates.

When your car needs auto body repair, you want to trust the technicians is trained to perform high-quality collision repair. But what if a celebrity fixed your car? Would you trust that person?

Would you trust a celebrity with auto body repair

In a survey, the Car Care Council asked more than 22,000 car owners nationwide which late-night TV host they would trust the most to fix their cars. Jimmy Kimmel, host of ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel LIVE!” beat out Jimmy Fallon, host of NBC’s “Tonight Show” by two-tenths of a percent for the title of “Most Trusted to Work on My Car.”If you have a car accident, how do you know which San Antonio auto body shop can be trusted to fix your car? Keep three things in mind when you take your vehicle to a collision center.


In the collision repair industry, there are certifications that are indicators of the training the technicians have completed. Before you have an auto body shop repair your car, ask if the shop offers certified collision repair. If so, find out if the body shop technicians have been certified by the manufacturer of your car and how often they train.

When the technicians train to get their certifications, the manufacturer instructs them on the specific methods and tools necessary to repair the car back to the factory condition. If the San Antonio body shop you choose offers certified collision repair for your make of vehicle, then you know that location not only has technicians who have been certified, but the shop also has the right tools to make the proper repairs.


Most collision centers that offer quality auto body repair will back the work they do with a warranty. Ask what the warranty covers and for how long. Some shops offer a separate warranty for paint work.


Ask about the quality of work performed by the body shop San Antonio people you know would recommend. Find out if the repairs satisfy those you know. For example, ask if the paint work matched the original factory paint and were there any blemishes.

The team at ProCare Automotive & Collision, a body shop San Antonio, Texas residents have recommended for nearly 20 years, focuses on operational excellence and providing you with the highest quality collision repair. Our technicians are certified, and we provide a warranty on repairs and paint. Use our Smartphone Estimating Tool to get a fast estimate that is always free.

Help! I had an accident. How do I find the best collision center near me? The repair process will be more efficient if you understand how it works before you go.

Many commonly asked questions customers have can be addressed ahead of time. Make the process faster and more efficient and know the answers beforehand.

Oh, no! An accident! What should I know before I find a collision center near me?

Choosing a Collision Center

Your insurance company may recommend an auto body shop, but the decision for where you want your car repaired is yours. A direct repair shop, or DRP, meets specific criteria set by your insurance company and is a preferred shop. Insurance companies consistently monitor these shops to decide if they maintain their status. Working with a DRP means the process is also more streamlined. These shops do not have to wait for an insurance adjuster to write the estimate and order parts.

Getting an Estimate

When the technician can view your car in person, the estimate will be most accurate. To get an idea of approximately how much the repairs may cost, you can use a Smartphone Estimating Tool to get the process started. The photos work for an initial estimate. A technician needs to further examine the car to determine if there is any hidden damage.


You may hear about various certifications when searching for a, “collision center near me.” Typically those do mean something to the customer. Before committing to a collision repair shop, ask if the technicians are certified by the manufacturer of your car. This means the the manufacturer trains the technician. They understand how to make repairs specific to your car and by the manufacturer’s recommendations. Find out how often the technicians train, especially if your vehicle is brand new.

The team at ProCare Automotive and Collision in San Antonio, is a direct repair shop for most insurance companies. Our technicians are routinely certified by manufacturers to provide high quality repairs on newer and older cars. Try our estimating tool to get a fast estimate and see how our repair process is easy and efficient.

When choosing body shop businesses, think about finding a reputable auto body repair company with multiple locations.

There are several factors to consider. Inquire if the auto body shop has more than one location in the area. That can provide benefits for better service.

why should I choose a local auto body shop with multiple locations
Why does it matter if my local auto body shop has more than one location?


When a collision repair shop has more than one location, typically they have more resources. For example, one shop can call on another location for parts needed.

There is a larger pool of technicians who have a variety of training and different knowledge. The technicians can connect with each other for expert opinions.

If one location does not have necessary tools, it could rely on another location to help with the repairs.

Customer Convenience

If you live in one part of San Antonio, but work in another area, multiple body shop locations are convenient. For example, if the collision repair shop offers a warranty, you could have the issue resolved at any location.

If you are a repeat customer, the body shop should have access to your car history at any location. And when a shop is big enough to have more than one location, it’s likely the company has had success in serving customers at other locations, allowing it to expand.

At ProCare Automotive and Collision, a San Antonio body shop, we have locations north and south, plus locations in Live Oak and in Victoria, Texas. Additionally, we have collision centers located in the Greater Austin area and in the Houston area that are part of our ProCare family of collision centers. Give us a call today at any one of our locations that is convenient to you and we’ll make sure you have a hassle-free repair experience.

Technology changes just about everything. It provides safety features on cars and added conveniences. It also makes auto body repair different than it used to be when choosing body shop locations.

With the added technology on cars, it has increased the challenges for repairing cars. No longer is collision repair only fixing a dented fender, there is extensive computer technology on cars that requires training and the right tools.

How is changing technology people when they're choosing body shop?

Technology is also changing collision repair for the consumer. Getting an estimate for the cost of repairs is now as easy as using your smartphone.

How to Use Your Phone to Get a Collision Repair Estimate

ProCare Automotive and Collision, a San Antonio body shop, offers a Smartphone Estimating Tool. When you have car damage and need repairs made quickly, this is a fast way to start the process.

You can have the estimate tool texted to you from the ProCare Collision website. Take photos of the damage, submit them through the tool, and receive an estimate via email within 24 hours. This starts the process and it can begin after the accident.

Benefits of Using A Smartphone Estimating Tool

This tool helps you get the repair process started right away. It can be done at any time of the day or night that is convenient to you. Once you have an idea of the cost and what it may take to repair the vehicle, you can begin working with the ProCare Collision team to have the repairs started.

Keep in mind that estimates provided from photos are only a preliminary estimate based on visible damage and that could change once a technician inspects the car more thoroughly. There could potentially be damage that isn’t visible to the eye, such as mechanical or to the car’s computer system. However, for companies with fleet vehicles using the Smartphone Estimating Tool can be beneficial so it doesn’t take vehicles or the employee away from productive work on the job.

ProCare launched the estimating tool to make the auto body repair process more efficient and hassle free. Use the tool to get your free estimate and we’ll get you back on the road.

Not all parts are the same when it comes to car collision repair shops. There are OEM parts, or original equipment manufacturer, and then there are aftermarket parts. The parts are different and come with different prices. Certified auto body repair makes a difference in the parts used.

If you want quality and a warranty with parts, then OEM is your choice and a San Antonio body shop that offers certified auto body repair will be most likely to offer OEM parts.

Are OEM Parts Worth It?

OEM parts cost more than aftermarket because the vehicle manufacturer makes them. An OEM part will match other parts on your car and provide a better fit. The cost is often twice as much as what you may pay for an aftermarket part.

Most OEM parts come with a warranty from the manufacturer, should anything happen to the part. The OEM part replaces a part that should be identical. This gives a greater chance for higher quality.

San Antonio car collision repair shops that have certified technicians work closely with manufacturers because the technicians are trained by them. A collision center like this has experience of getting the parts from the manufacturers.

Should I Save Money with Aftermarket Parts?

There is a greater selection of aftermarket parts, but this also means they come in variations and the odds of getting a poor quality part are greater. The cost is less, so if you do not have a preference in parts and want to save money, then aftermarket parts are what you need.

Aftermarket parts can decrease the car’s value. If you lease a vehicle, you need to look into what it could cost you in the long term to use aftermarket parts. Additionally, most aftermarket parts do not offer a warranty, so be sure to ask about a warranty if you choose these parts.

When our certified technicians at ProCare Automotive and Collision, a San Antonio body shop, make repairs to a wrecked car, we believe in providing the highest quality collision repair and use OEM parts. Should you want aftermarket parts, we work to find the best part that works with your vehicle. Contact our team today to schedule a free estimate.

Porsche certified collision center

As a luxury vehicle owner, you want to preserve that quality after an accident. To ensure proper repairs for your Porsche, the first step is finding a certified collision center.

What is a Porsche Certified Collision Center?

Above all, find a collision center with Porsche certified technicians for your vehicle to look like new. Certified technicians have the skills and tools to meet Porsche’s requirements for repairs.

Taking Classes

Most noteworthy, a technician must complete extensive hours and rigorous testing to earn a certification. Because of this, Porsche trains in the classroom and in-shop through a company called I-CAR. They require a minimum of four platinum level trainings by I-CAR for recognition. These include an estimator training, two steel structural technician trainings, and a refinish technician training. A Porsche certification is a proud accomplishment for a body shop.

Adjusting the Shop

An auto body repair shop must modify its facilities with the required tools and software to hold a Porsche certification. For example, specific brands of paint, tire mounting and balancing capabilities, and lighting systems are required. To be certified, there are more than 130 requirements regarding the tools, brands, and techniques a shop and its employees must follow. Finally, factory technicians from Porsche continuously monitor the collision center to ensure quality.

As a result, choosing an auto body repair shop that is a Porsche certified collision center will give you confidence that the technicians are working with the manufacturer. ProCare Automotive & Collision prides itself for holding 14 OEM (original equipment manufacturer) certifications. Ongoing training and recertification is our commitment to guarantee your luxury vehicle receives exceptional quality repairs.

Have questions about repairs for your Porsche? Contact our team today to schedule an appointment with a certified estimator. Consequently, since we’re a Porsche certified collision repair center, we’ll show you how the process is hassle-free.

No parent wants their teen to have an accident and wind up searching for an auto body shop San Antonio TX. Driving for the first time can come with mixed emotions for any teen. They can be extremely excited, nervous, or a combination. Parents can also feel similar emotions as they teach a teen safe driving. The last thing anyone wants is for an accident to happen.

There are a few ways to demonstrate good driver responsibility to your teen. This prevents you from choosing an auto body repair shop before you are ready.

stress safe teen driving to prevent visit to auto body shop san antonio tx

Drive by Example

AAA recently surveyed driving instructors. According to the survey, parents do not prepare their teens as well as parents did a decade ago. The instructors reported parents setting bad examples through their own driving behaviors. Research shows that teens will mimic the driving of parents or other family members.

Remember when your child gets closer to learning how to drive to be very aware of how you operate a vehicle. Follow all safety rules including reducing distractions like cell phone use and do not speed. If you are not consistent with using your turn signal or stopping completely at stop signs, having a soon-to-be driver in your car will help you get back in the practice of what you should be doing as a licensed driver.

Practice, Practice, Practice

As the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect.” With more experience that your teen can get behind the wheel and encountering a variety of driving scenarios, it will help your new driver respond better to a potential accident.

Encouragement is Important

Every parent knows that praise is helpful when a teen is doing the right thing, especially when they are driving safely behind the wheel. But encouragement in other ways is also important. Have discussions with your teen to let him or her know it is a good thing to speak up if they don’t feel safe driving or to also speak up with their peers about unsafe driving.

If something does happen and your teen is involved in an accident, the helpful team at ProCare Automotive & Collision, an auto body shop San Antonio TX, is here to help parents and teens through the stressful time. We will make the repair process hassle-free so parents and teens can focus on their own care after an accident. Use our Smartphone Estimating Tool for a free, quick estimate to get the auto body repair process started.

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