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Where are the most dangerous roads in Texas?

Where are the most accidents in the San Antonio area? Learn where the locations are and how to reduce your risk of a collision.

texas road sign are texas roads dangerous

5 states with best driving records and commutes

Texas is known for its long commutes and car wrecks along the way. Learn why it’s important to choose a San Antonio collision center before a collision.

How do I know if my collision repair was done right?

Knowing if a collision repair shop made the repairs properly is difficult. Learn some tips of what to look for when you pick up your car.

What is certified collision repair?

Collision centers may hold a variety of certifications, all which have different meaning for the customer. With technology and safety features continuously changing on cars, the right training and equipment means an auto body shop will provide higher quality work on your vehicle.

Fast Certified Collision Repair

5 tips to find a quality repair shop

When you take your car to a local body shop, you want to receive a quality repair. You also want to make sure you get the best deal for the work you need since each body shop charges different prices. There are a few tips to keep in mind as you research the best local…

Man in white jumpsuit and respirator mask stands in a paint booth with various car panels.

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