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Porsche certified collision center

As a luxury vehicle owner, you want to preserve that quality after an accident. To ensure proper repairs for your Porsche, the first step is finding a certified collision center.

What is a Porsche Certified Collision Center?

Above all, find a collision center with Porsche certified technicians for your vehicle to look like new. Certified technicians have the skills and tools to meet Porsche’s requirements for repairs.

Taking Classes

Most noteworthy, a technician must complete extensive hours and rigorous testing to earn a certification. Because of this, Porsche trains in the classroom and in-shop through a company called I-CAR. They require a minimum of four platinum level trainings by I-CAR for recognition. These include an estimator training, two steel structural technician trainings, and a refinish technician training. A Porsche certification is a proud accomplishment for a body shop.

Adjusting the Shop

An auto body repair shop must modify its facilities with the required tools and software to hold a Porsche certification. For example, specific brands of paint, tire mounting and balancing capabilities, and lighting systems are required. To be certified, there are more than 130 requirements regarding the tools, brands, and techniques a shop and its employees must follow. Finally, factory technicians from Porsche continuously monitor the collision center to ensure quality.

As a result, choosing an auto body repair shop that is a Porsche certified collision center will give you confidence that the technicians are working with the manufacturer. ProCare Automotive & Collision prides itself for holding 14 OEM (original equipment manufacturer) certifications. Ongoing training and recertification is our commitment to guarantee your luxury vehicle receives exceptional quality repairs.

Have questions about repairs for your Porsche? Contact our team today to schedule an appointment with a certified estimator. Consequently, since we’re a Porsche certified collision repair center, we’ll show you how the process is hassle-free.

In today’s world, cameras catch nearly everything. In a collision, it’s possible a nearby security camera shows video of the incident. A dash cam San Antonio drivers use gets video from your perspective while driving. It also helps a technician at a collision center see the damage happen.

If you own a dash camera, you need to know the laws in Texas regarding using one in your vehicle. Currently, there is not a law that specifically outlines the use of a dash camera.

Never Block Your View

The dash camera can serve as an extra set of eyes for you. It should never block your view, either straight ahead or obstruct your ability to see other cars near you. In Texas, there is a transportation code that establishes the rule for obstructing a driver’s view.

The goal of the dash camera should be to capture a scenic drive or the driver’s perspective, but the driver should never use the camera to watch the road while driving.

Respect the Privacy of Others

We are all on video at some point during the day if we go out in public, whether it is security cameras at a business or on someone’s video doorbell. There are cameras all around, but there are still privacy rights.

Keep in mind the privacy laws in Texas and the use of audio. At least one person must consent to the use of his or her voice. If law enforcement stops you, it is not against the law to record a traffic stop in Texas.

Provide Accident Video to Your San Antonio Collision Center

If you are involved in an accident and the dash camera is not damage, this can be beneficial for San Antonio body shops to view so the repair technicians have a better perspective of how the vehicle was hit. It may also be helpful for your insurance agent to see what happened.

The team at ProCare Automotive and Collision is here to help if you are in a wreck. Any details and information you have for our team of certified collision repair technicians will help us pinpoint the precise areas that need to be considered for repair. Contact us for a free estimate or use our Smartphone Estimating Tool on your phone.

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