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Tag: traffic

How to master a stress-free commute

  Let’s be honest. Central Texas’ worst drawback is the traffic. Whether you’re driving into San Antonio, Austin, or just trying to get through town in San Marcos, congestion is abound. That’s why it’s smart to have a plan to kick the stress for your mid-week traffic jam. Not only will calming down help you…

a woman smiles thoughtfully behind the wheel of a car

What a booming population means for San Antonio roads

San Antonio ranked No. 1 in population growth in the nation from 2016-2017 according to the US Census Bureau. That’s 66 people moving to San Antonio per day. And other cities in Texas have been close behind, adding more commuters and travelers to our roads. Texas has been thriving, and as a result, growing steadily….

Cars drive along interstate 35 in San Antonio.

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