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Technology changes just about everything. It provides safety features on cars and added conveniences. It also makes auto body repair different than it used to be when choosing body shop locations.

With the added technology on cars, it has increased the challenges for repairing cars. No longer is collision repair only fixing a dented fender, there is extensive computer technology on cars that requires training and the right tools.

How is changing technology people when they're choosing body shop?

Technology is also changing collision repair for the consumer. Getting an estimate for the cost of repairs is now as easy as using your smartphone.

How to Use Your Phone to Get a Collision Repair Estimate

ProCare Automotive and Collision, a San Antonio body shop, offers a Smartphone Estimating Tool. When you have car damage and need repairs made quickly, this is a fast way to start the process.

You can have the estimate tool texted to you from the ProCare Collision website. Take photos of the damage, submit them through the tool, and receive an estimate via email within 24 hours. This starts the process and it can begin after the accident.

Benefits of Using A Smartphone Estimating Tool

This tool helps you get the repair process started right away. It can be done at any time of the day or night that is convenient to you. Once you have an idea of the cost and what it may take to repair the vehicle, you can begin working with the ProCare Collision team to have the repairs started.

Keep in mind that estimates provided from photos are only a preliminary estimate based on visible damage and that could change once a technician inspects the car more thoroughly. There could potentially be damage that isn’t visible to the eye, such as mechanical or to the car’s computer system. However, for companies with fleet vehicles using the Smartphone Estimating Tool can be beneficial so it doesn’t take vehicles or the employee away from productive work on the job.

ProCare launched the estimating tool to make the auto body repair process more efficient and hassle free. Use the tool to get your free estimate and we’ll get you back on the road.

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