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No parent wants their teen to have an accident and wind up searching for an auto body shop San Antonio TX. Driving for the first time can come with mixed emotions for any teen. They can be extremely excited, nervous, or a combination. Parents can also feel similar emotions as they teach a teen safe driving. The last thing anyone wants is for an accident to happen.

There are a few ways to demonstrate good driver responsibility to your teen. This prevents you from choosing an auto body repair shop before you are ready.

stress safe teen driving to prevent visit to auto body shop san antonio tx

Drive by Example

AAA recently surveyed driving instructors. According to the survey, parents do not prepare their teens as well as parents did a decade ago. The instructors reported parents setting bad examples through their own driving behaviors. Research shows that teens will mimic the driving of parents or other family members.

Remember when your child gets closer to learning how to drive to be very aware of how you operate a vehicle. Follow all safety rules including reducing distractions like cell phone use and do not speed. If you are not consistent with using your turn signal or stopping completely at stop signs, having a soon-to-be driver in your car will help you get back in the practice of what you should be doing as a licensed driver.

Practice, Practice, Practice

As the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect.” With more experience that your teen can get behind the wheel and encountering a variety of driving scenarios, it will help your new driver respond better to a potential accident.

Encouragement is Important

Every parent knows that praise is helpful when a teen is doing the right thing, especially when they are driving safely behind the wheel. But encouragement in other ways is also important. Have discussions with your teen to let him or her know it is a good thing to speak up if they don’t feel safe driving or to also speak up with their peers about unsafe driving.

If something does happen and your teen is involved in an accident, the helpful team at ProCare Automotive & Collision, an auto body shop San Antonio TX, is here to help parents and teens through the stressful time. We will make the repair process hassle-free so parents and teens can focus on their own care after an accident. Use our Smartphone Estimating Tool for a free, quick estimate to get the auto body repair process started.

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