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There’s nothing like the beautiful shine of a new paint job on your car or the feeling you get when you pull out of a San Antonio body shop with a fresh coat of paint. But how do you get that shine to stay?

When trying to preserve that pretty gleam - whether you have a new car, or a new paint job on an old car - there are two major factors to consider: protecting paint from the elements, and proactive care.

While you might think of weather, sun and snow when thinking about the elements, there are actually plenty of other materials, both natural and manmade, that can secretly damage your car’s paint job.

For example, the bugs that pile up on your bumper after a road trip, the bird droppings that gather when parked on a tree-lined street and the morning coffee you accidentally leave on the roof before driving off all contain a harmful element - acid. The acidic elements in these substances can all start to etch away your paint and wear it down over time. To prevent this, be sure to wash these materials away as soon as you notice them.

The same quick response goes for other substances that can easily end up on your car and easily cause it damage, like ash from wildfires, tree sap and spilled gasoline. Thoroughly cleaning off these materials when a car is exposed can go a long way to extending the life of your paint job.

Another surefire way to extend your paint’s life is by taking the time to care for it properly. Applying a coat of high quality wax at least twice a year will keep you car’s paint looking shiny and new.

Of course, for a car that really shines, it also helps to have a high quality, beautiful paint job in the first place. For the best auto painting in San Antonio, contact ProCare Collision!

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