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Surveys have suggested that as many as 40 percent of drivers don’t know how to change a flat tire themselves. Knowing how to properly fix a flat is important for both your safety and convenience, but where can unsure drivers go to learn?

Thankfully, there are many resources available to help you learn how to change a tire. One simple method is likely hidden in the dash of your own car. Many owner’s manuals contain vehicle-specific directions for changing a tire that will guide you through the process.

If you don’t have instructions for changing a flat tire in your car, it can be a good idea to print out a set and keep them in the dashboard. Having a hard copy can be a comfort and a great assistance when a flat tire appears.

There are also plenty of online, step-by-step guides for how to change a tire. When getting this important information online, however, just make sure to seek out sources that you trust. Resources like governmental agencies and trusted publications are usually dependable sources of accurate, expert information.

For many people, it is also helpful to have an in-person lesson on changing a tire. A friend or a family member who knows how to safely change a tire is probably willing to show you the ropes. Physically going through the process of changing a tire when the pressure is low can help you confidently and calmly handle the situation when it’s no longer a practice run and you are actually on the side of the road with a flat.

If you have specific questions about changing a tire, it is also wise to check with a mechanic at a local San Antonio auto body shop for tips and guidance. Expert guidance can help you feel more prepared and confident in your ability to change a flat.

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