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Driving Schools

Is it almost time for your kid to get behind the wheel of a car? In this time, we can be a bundle of nerves, but our teen is excited and ready for a new freedom. Even though this a scary time, many parents have been through this before. A good first step in your teen learning to driving is enrolling them in a driving school. This allows your teen to learn with trained professionals and takes a lot of the responsibility off your shoulders.

Not sure driving school is right for your teen? You know what is best, but the concept of a driving school has been around since before the 1940’s. Here is a great presentation about the history and evolution of driving education to give you a little more information.

The History & Evolution of Driving Education Schools from JW Surety Bonds

There a couple of different driving schools in the area. We were able to make a list for you to go through them easily and decide what might be best for your teen.

Texas Driving School


Teen Driving School has six shops in the area which is the largest amount in this list. They have an average of  30 reviews per shop with an average of 4 stars. On their website, they state that they are family owned and have been around for 50 years.

Rhodes Driving School


Rhodes Driving School has four shops in the area. They offer onsite and online teen driving classes. Their school on Ellison Dr has about 200 reviews with 4.3 stars on Google.

Ayala Driving School


Ayala Driving School has one shop located in North West San Antonio close to I-10.  They have about 26 reviews on Google with a 3.7 star.  The main complaint is not being able to book drive times.

Central Park Driving School


Central Park Driving School has a special program where they are housed in some of the nearby high schools. They are working with are Comal ISD, Alamo Heights High School, and Providence Catholic School. They have about 64 reviews on Google with a 3.8 star.

Alamo City Driving School


Alamo City Driving School is on the far west side of San Antonio off of 1604. They have about 16 reviews with a 2.4 star rating on Google.


We hope this list helps you and your teen find the perfect driving school. We can all agree the skill to drive can be very useful. It is also a serious matter when it comes to learning. Let the professionals help and take some stress off of you. This is an exciting time for a teen to learn to drive and you finally have someone to swing by the grocery store for the milk carton you forgot.

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