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For many people, knowing how to change a flat tire is one of those things you learned to do when you were young but forgot over the years. Even if you take preventative measures to keep your tires in great condition, it is extremely important for your safety and for your convenience to know how to change a flat.

You might be thinking, “I pay for a AAA membership so that I get roadside assistance and don’t have to worry,” or maybe even, “My friend loves working on cars and always takes care of my flats for me.”

Even if this is the case for most situations, there are still plenty of situations where these reasons don’t cover you.

1. Cell phones don’t always have service

IIn this day and age, we depend heavily on our cell phones, but cell service doesn’t always cover what it says it will. Landscape, weather, the locations of antennas and the cell network capacity all play a factor in you getting your service when you need it. This isn’t to mention if your phone itself breaks and you have no means of communication at all.

It is not hard to imagine a situation where you find yourself with a dead cell phone and a flat tire, unable to call for help. Changing your own tire can give you the ability to get back on the road and get help without it.

2. You might get a flat in a dangerous place

Even more serious would be finding yourself in a remote, secluded area with a flat tire. People can be dangerous, so we recommend getting help from a source you trust, if possible, like your roadside assistance.

But sometimes roadside assistance cannot reach you within a reasonable amount of time. If you’re out on the road, it may take several hours to get help. In the meantime, you are putting yourself at risk by staying in this spot.

Other danger factors include weather conditions and where you had to park your vehicle (like a spot that slows down or blocks traffic). This isn’t to mention if you are in a rush: say you are on the way to an important meeting or need to catch a flight - knowing how to change the tire yourself can get you back on the road quickly.

3. You might save money

Aside from saving time, you might save yourself some money. If you don’t have roadside assistance or a friend who can help. your only other option may be to call a towing company to take it to a nearby repair shop. Needless to say, this is much more time and money than simply doing the job yourself.

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